The 2017 Honda Accord

If you are seeking a quality mid-size car, Honda has you covered. The 2017 Honda Accord, which comes in both coupe and sedan body styles, has myriad trims to select. The sedan has seven trim types while the coupe has six types of trim. Each trim has their own special features that make them stand out amongst the others. Learn more about the interior, performance, and technology of the new 2017 Honda Accord.


Performance-wise, the 2017 Honda Accord does a fantastic job with braking and acceleration. The four-cylinder engine gives an average, but consistent rapidity within a short timeframe. It only took approximately eight seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour. You have the option to drive the V6 version for faster speed.

The simplicity of the brake pedal allows the driver to halt with minimal effort. The driver will have the ability to stop immediately without an unreasonable halting distance. Light steering allows precision within every turn and feels as if you aren't forcibly turning at all.


Admittedly, the navigation system isn't perfect. The menu selection was difficult to follow and made it hard to select choices. Unfortunately, there wasn't any control on the audio system's volume and made radio tuning more of a chore than it should have.

The integrated smartphone system was subpar because switching between the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay was difficult to decipher. In terms of Bluetooth, it was simple to do for phone and audio.

Voice control was easy to use. Making voice requests for phone calls, selecting a radio station, or entering physical home addresses weren't challenging. Aside from voice control, the cruise control was wonky; too fast to hit the brakes and too slow to accelerate and halt when necessary. Interior

The Honda Accord is very roomy, and simple to enter and exit out from the cabin. The eight-way power seats are comfortable and the driver's seat is placed high for visibility purposes. Solid panels, knobs, and handles allows great handle and durability.


If you are seeking a vehicle with plentiful space and made of quality materials, then the 2017 Honda Accord is right for you and your loved ones.

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