For owners of hybrid electric cars, one challenge can be where to find a charge, especially in oil states like Texas.

Good news, however has come in the form of an announcement by IKEA that they and their sister-company ECOtality, Inc. have expanded their partnership agreement by agreeing to install 24 Blink EV automobile charging stations in eight locations throughout the United States, bringing the total number of operating units at IKEA stores to 55.

According to representatives from IKEA, the locations of the new chargers will include the company's corporate office in America, as well as seven stores in Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The previous thirty-one stations were installed two years ago, at nine stores along the Pacific coast (Washington, Oregon, and California), and in Arizona.

In a statement to the press about the plans for the new charging stations, for which installation is set to begin in August, 2013, IKEA U.S. President Mike Ward explained that one of the reasons he feels that IKEA is a logical place to place EV charging stations is that the stores tend to be both accessible and visible from "…key points within a local metropolitan area."

Ward also stressed that the partnership with Blink EV is just one facet of his company's overall plan to encourage and model green construction, eco-friendly design, and care for the environment.

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