When you're buying a new car, what do you want? Are you looking for the lowest environmental impact or the fastest, strongest engine. Do you want tons of technological toys, or would you prefer to keep things basic? These questions are surprisingly important to automakers and car dealers alike, which is why industry professionals are paying close attention to a recently released report from J.D. Power and Associates.

The report looked at the level of interest potential auto owners have for specific features both before and after the pricing of their dream vehicle has been announced, and, according to the responses they received, the folks at J.D. Power say that most shoppers want good fuel economy, and an interface that will allow them to connect their smartphones to the onboard infotainment systems. Further down the list were specific connectivity requests, like wifi, and voice recognition that actually functions.

In a statement released by the company, J.D. Powers and Associates executive director of global automotive, Mike Van Nieuwkuyk, said that this information gives automakers the ability to gain a "competitive advantage" by working closely with smartphone technology and application developers in order to deliver a seamless in-vehicle experience that encompasses everything from GPS functionality to music, weather, and search tools.

Fuel economy was also at the top of most wishlists, and Van Nieuwkuyk pointed out that the modern motorist understands technology and is more and more interested in having features that provide the ability to self-regulate fuel efficiency, thereby making trips to the gas station a bit less expensive.

So what were the most-requested features, and what percentage of survey participants asked for them? Here's the list:

  1. Device/Application link: 82%
  2. Fuel economy indicator : 72%
  3. Active shutter grille vents: 76%
  4. Natural language voice activation: 74%
  5. Wireless connectivity system: 58%
  6. Next generation head-up display (HUD): 74%
  7. Surround-view camera system : 48%

It should be noted that interest in some features ranked lower when the price-point was increased, indicating that while many features are desirable, there is a threshold for what the average buyer is willing to pay.

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