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O K Rent A Car
12301 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, California

Phone: (310) 207-6652
Fax: (310) 207-1440
Employees: 1
Sales: $2

O K Rent A Car in Los Angeles Review

As you probably already know, renting a car can be a pain in the you-know-what, or it can be relatively stress free and easy, if you’ve done your research. Assuming you’ve done your research properly and have come across O K Rent A Car in Los Angeles as a potential rental car provider to use, it’s time to start asking them some questions regarding pricing, surcharges and usage. O K Rent A Car in Los Angeles should be willing to answer all your questions. Remember that you don’t need their top-of-the-line car in most cases. Typically their most basic rental car will suffice. If you have ever used O K Rent A Car in Los Angeles we urge you to leave a review. It will help others out who may be looking to use them.

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