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Delaware Car Insurance Minimum Requirements and Premium Discounts

Considering Delaware car insurance, there are two basic questions that come to mind. First, what is legally required? Second, how much does is it going to cost?

Here's a Look at the Legal Requirements:

Delaware car insurance minimums require three types of liability insurance: bodily injury protection in the amount of $15,000/$30,000, property damage in the amount of $10,000 and personal injury protection of $15,000/$30,000. What does $15,000/$30,000 mean? It means $15,000 for a single injury in a single accident, but up to $30,000 for the total injuries in a given accident. You are likely to see this referred to as a 15/30/10 requirement. The required coverage is low, so be aware that you probably should carry more insurance, as you can be sued for any amount of injury or damage sustained, even beyond the required coverage.

Basic policy types for the state include collision, comprehensive, uninsured and underinsured motorists, towing and labor coverage and rental replacement coverage. By the way, every company that sells auto insurance in the state is required to sell liability, collision and uninsured/underinsured motorists insurance policies.

In Delaware, companies cannot cancel your insurance unless you violate state law or insurance regulations, or don't pay. But, they can refuse to renew your policy. In such cases, the state offers insurance coverage called the Delaware Auto Plan, but it should only be used if there are no other options as, like most high-risk insurance coverage, it is expensive.

When it comes to money, there are a number of things that affect your premium, and some of them you can't do anything about. Such things as a more expensive car, youth or a poor driving record will increase your rates. However, there are also ways to lower your premium, such as carrying a higher deductible, taking a defensive driving course and asking your agent about possible discounts.

According to the state sponsored website, you are required to carry proof of insurance with you in your vehicle at all times. If you fail to do this you can be fined $1,500 for the first offense and $3,000 for any subsequent occurrences. Plus, you may have your license suspended for 6 months. This truly makes the cost of a monthly premium look pretty good.

State law does not stop at requiring that you have Delaware car insurance. If you drop your auto insurance policy or it is cancelled, the insurance company is required to notify the state. Failure to reinsure can lead to the loss of your license plates and/or your driver's license. Remember to always compare rates between competing companies. Finding an appropriate auto insurance policy in Delaware is simple once you understand the requirements.

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