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High Risk Auto Insurance Including DUI, License Suspension and SR-22 Rate Quotes

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High Risk Auto Insurance for Speeding Tickets, DUI and SR-22 Proof of Liability Coverage

Too many drivers multiply the danger of driving a motor vehicle when they engage in risky behavior and end up by getting cited or arrested for speeding, DUI, or worse. If the high risk driver is apprehended before causing an accident, the consequences can still be pretty harsh, including incarceration, paying an expensive fine, having his license suspended, having his car insurance rate increased or his policy revoked, and even losing his job. By getting in a car accident or getting a DUI it will be difficult to get the cheapest auto insurance rates published online,

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Speeding Tickets
Some people have a notorious "lead foot" while others drive certain vehicle types which tend to garner moving violations more than others, whether they are really breaking the law or not. A survey of DMV records shows that the vehicle which receives the most speeding tickets is the Hummer. If you are driving over the speed limit by as little 10 miles per hour or less, you can be cited for speeding and possibly receive between two and four points on your driving record.

Your Driving Record and Insurance Rates
Many insurers base their premiums in part on your driving record and will raise your auto insurance rates if you have accumulated a number of points. The frequency with which your auto insurance company checks your driving record can vary, but is usually restricted to those times when you initiate, change or renew your policy. You can erase some of these points if you attend a driving school, thereby keeping your safe driver insurance standing.

Insurance companies look at your driving record to determine if you meet their standards for insurability and what your risk is to determine your premium. Auto insurance companies differ in how much weight they place on the number of points you have on your driving record. If your insurance rates are increased for blemishes on your driving record, it usually takes three years for your rates to return to normal.

High Risk Insurance
Some insurers draw the line at a certain number of points on a driving record where the driver represents too great a risk and will be denied coverage. The number of points you accumulate before a company denies you a policy varies with the individual insurer, and the alternative for this driver is to compare rate quotes from high risk insurers.

Improving your "Insurability"
You have paid all fines to clear as many pending violations from your record as possible. You attended driving school to erase some of the flaws on your driving record and have even take a defensive driving class. Take the process one step further by switching to a less expensive, safer vehicle with automatic seat belts and airbags; a car which is cheap to insure.

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Drivers License Suspension
Losing your legal right to drive can jeopardize your means of making a living and supporting your family. With a serious mark on your driving record, your insurer will eventually be alerted to it and tell you "Hasta la vista, baby." You are now in a category of high risk driver and will find it difficult to renew your policy unless you engage the services of an agent who specializes in high risk insurance.

SR-22 Certification
In addition, a high risk insurer will know exactly what to do if you are stopped by law enforcement and do not have proof of current auto liability insurance coverage. You will be required to provide the state with that proof before you can get your suspended drivers license back. To satisfy the courts, your authorized high risk insurer will supply them with a document called an SR-22 certification. While not insurance itself, it is proof that you have the requisite minimum liability coverage in effect.

Insurers who issue SR-22 certification are accustomed to handling high risk drivers and will usually be more expensive than traditional insurers. In the case of SR-22 certification, it is usually required for a period of three years. As expensive as a high risk auto insurance policy may be, to get back on the road is vital to support ones family and to live a normal life.

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