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Missouri Car Insurance Minimum Legal Requirements and Savings Tips

Getting an affordable Missouri car insurance coverage plan means comparing your options and finding coverage that will protect your assets and your health, without bankrupting you with the rates. In Missouri, several providers offer coverage that meets the state's minimal requirements of 25/50/10. Beyond having the minimum requirements that the law says you must have, there are ways to make your policy more affordable while still having the coverage you need.

Here are some tips that can help both before and after you look for a policy.

  • In Missouri, the state is required to pay the sales tax on your replacement vehicle after and accident. Only 28 states have this requirement, but you will need to ask about it because your insurer isn't likely to mention it.
  • Don't add your teen to your policy until he or she actually has a permit or driver's license. At that time you definitely want to add them. However, you don't need to do so just because they are driving age. If you require your child to take a driver's education course, you are likely to get a discount. Also, ask about a good student car insurance discount if your teen has grades of "B" or higher.
  • Ask your insurer about paying your premiums up front, rather than monthly. If you have the ability to do this, chances are that you will save significantly on service fees. The only down side is that if you decide to change insurers, you've already paid. Ask what the policy is on this.
  • Choose your ride carefully. While you will pay more to insure a fancy two door sports car, you will also raise your rates by buying cars with high theft rates. Ironically, car thieves don't target those expensive sports models because they are more likely to be equipped with tracking and anti-theft devices. Over 20,000 car thefts were reported in 2007, the most recent numbers available, by the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Statistical Analysis Center. The good news is that number is down about 5,000 from a decade ago. Yet, the 1995 Honda Civic, the 1991 Honda Accord and the much older 1998 Toyota pickup truck are among those vehicles most commonly stolen.

How can you use these facts to your advantage?
When purchasing a vehicle, first check with an insurer to see if they are among commonly stolen vehicles. Then, consider installing some sort of anti-theft device like a steering wheel jack or an ignition stopping device that will prevent theft. Finally, let your insurer know about any anti-theft devices on your vehicle and ask them for a discount. By being an informed buyer, you can find a Missouri car insurance policy that truly meets your needs.

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