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Virginia Car Insurance Rate Quotes, Discounts and Money-Saving Tips

When you are shopping for a Virginia car insurance rate quote, why pay more for coverage than you have to? You may qualify for a discount on your rates if you know where to look. Controlling the rates associated with your car coverage is best achieved by being proactive. It truly pays to ask your insurance company or agent what discounts exist.

Discounts on Virginia Auto Insurance
Before you talk to an insurance agent or approach an insurance company to get quotes for coverage, you may want to make note of all the features in your vehicle that may get you a break on the cost of your insurance coverage. Some companies will give you a break on pricing if you have operational seat belts or an air bag. Installing an anti-theft device may also entitle you to better rates for your coverage.

Managing the amount of time you drive has many potential paybacks with your insurer. Participating in a car pool isn't only a "green" choice, but it can put more green in your pocket as well. Driving fewer miles each year means that you are less likely to get into an accident. When the likelihood of making a claim is reduced, then you may be able to get your insurance at a lower rate. Limit your driving to and from work to no more than twice a week to qualify for this discount. You may also want to consider taking public transportation to and from work and leaving your car at home.

Another way to qualify for a discount on your Virginia auto insurance policy is to live close to where you work. A long commute takes time and can cost you more for your insurance coverage. When you ask for a quote, tell the insurer how far you drive for work to see if you qualify for a reduction in your coverage.

Being a careful driver with a clean driving record will get you the best rates. If your record includes accidents and moving violations, make a point of avoiding any more black marks on your record. The longer you can go without adding anything new to your driving record, the better, as far as your insurance company is concerned. It may take a few years before you can repair your rating with your insurance company, so a better choice is to maintain a clean driving record from the outset.

Even if your driving record is so-so, you can improve your odds. A graduate from a defensive driving program can get better rates for coverage than someone who doesn't have this training. Show your insurance company proof that you have successfully completed this program and ask for a break in your premium rates.

You may be entitled to a Virginia car insurance discount for one of the reasons listed here. Be sure to ask your independent insurance agent or a company representative whether you have been considered for all the discounts you may be entitled to.

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