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IKEA, ECOtality Expand Partnership and Add Blink EV Charging Stations at More IKEA Stores
For owners of hybrid electric cars, one challenge can be where to find a charge, especially in oil states like Texas.

Good news, however has come in the form of an announcement by IKEA that they and their sister-company ECOtality, Inc. have expanded their partnership agreement by agreeing to install 24 Blink EV automobile charging stations in eight locations throughout the United States, bringing the total number of operating units at IKEA stores to 55. .

According to representatives from IKEA, the locations of the new chargers will include the company's corporate office in America, as well as seven stores in Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The previous thirty-one stations were installed two years ago, at nine stores along the Pacific coast (Washington, Oregon, and California), and in Arizona. .

In a statement to the press about the plans for the new charging stations, for which installation is set to begin in August, 2013, IKEA U.S. President Mike Ward explained that one of the reasons he feels that IKEA is a logical place to place EV charging stations is that the stores tend to be both accessible and visible from "…key points within a local metropolitan area.". more
Car Buyers Want Connectivity and Fuel Efficiency
When you're buying a new car, what do you want? Are you looking for the lowest environmental impact or the fastest, strongest engine. Do you want tons of technological toys, or would you prefer to keep things basic? These questions are surprisingly important to automakers and car dealers alike, which is why industry professionals are paying close attention to a recently released report from J.D.
Subaru Debuts 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid at NY Auto Show
After years of protesting that it didn't need to join the hybrid trend, Subaru debuted its first such vehicle last month at the 2013 New York International Auto Show.
GM to Incorporate AT&T 4G LTE into 2015 Vehicles
Early Monday morning, General Motors shared the news of its new partnership with telecom company AT&T - a partnership that will result in most new vehicles having support for 4G LTE mobile broadband built in by the end of 2014.
NHTSA Considers Two New Crash Tests
Slightly more than two years ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) put stricter crash tests into force, and now it's contemplating the addition of two more tests to its already-rigorous battery of safety evaluations.
Lincoln Stages Comeback in Time for Christmas
Just in time for Christmas, Lincoln is staging a comeback. .

You wouldn't know it from last month's Los Angeles Auto Show, where the Lincoln contingent was displaying restored classics from the brand's heyday, as opposed to all the fancy-schmancy new models brought by every other automaker, but Lincoln is actually aggressively rebranding itself.
Clean Diesel Vehicle Sales on Track to Outpace Hybrids, Report Says
Many people in the United States are anti-diesel, either because they think it smells bad, or because they associate it with tractors, generators and commercial trucks, and forget that there are many cars that run on the fuel, which is actually more efficient and produces fewer toxic emissions than normal gasoline.
GM Partners with Costco Auto Program to Move Struggling Models
Many people would never think of buying their next car from a big-box grocery store, but a new deal between General Motors and the Costco Auto Program might change people's minds.
End of the Line for Jeep Liberty SUV
Thursday, August 16, 2012 will see the end of an era for Jeep, as Chrysler Group ends its eleven-year production run of the Jeep Liberty SUV. .

Chrysler has assured industry experts and off-roading aficionados alike that the Liberty will have a successor, destined to go into production in the spring of 2013, and based on that model-year's Dodge Dart platform.
Ford C-Max Hybrid Now Available for Pre-Order
Hybrid lovers who are committed to buying American cars have something new to celebrate: Ford Motor Company announced on Thursday that it is now taking orders for their C-Max Hybrid car.
Audi Announces Plans to Build Cars in Mexico.
If you had to name the country which had the second greatest amount of auto industry investment in 2011, which country would you pick? Here's a clue: It's not the US or Canada, but it is in North America.
Datsun Returns
Earlier this month, the Japanese news service Nikkei reported that the Datsun brand may be returning.

Datsun, which is part of the Nissan automotive family, was originally dropped from production in 1986.
Subaru Primed for Record Sales Year
As inventory levels begin to approach a more normal level nearly a year after the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami, there is great news from Subaru of America.
BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Helps Improve Fuel Efficiency
As more and more states are cracking down on the use of mobile devices behind the wheel, and as on-board GPS systems become standard amenities in our cars, it shouldn't come as a surprise that automakers are finding new ways to use the map data technology driving those devices.
Salaried Ford Employees to Receive Raises and Bonuses This Year
Great news from Ford this week: according to a letter that was shared by the Detroit Free Press the financial outlook from the iconic American carmaker has improved enough that the company is reinstating merit-based raises and bonuses for salaried employees for the first time since 2008.
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