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Archived Auto News and Events for August 2009

Bad Credit Score Causing High Car Insurance Rates, Insurers Won't Say
Long the subject of moral debate is the use of credit scores to be part of the formula insurers use to determine your car insurance rates. Now insurers are not legally obligated to tell you if your high car insurance rates are caused by a bad credit score.
Car Bumper Standards Result in More Expensive Crash Repair Costs
Car bumper standards are not demanding enough to prevent expensive crash repair costs even in low-speed accidents, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
New Car Part Material from Cheap Natural Renewable Coconut Fiber
New car part materials from molded polyester may soon give way to a cheap natural car part material made from coconut fiber. Scientists at Baylor University in Waco, Texas are developing a way to use coconut fiber to fabricate a number of automotive interior panels which could soon positively impact the lives of 100 million coconut farmers worldwide; while these cheap new car parts allow more affordable new car prices.
Air Powered Car Pollution Free, 300 Miles on $3.53 Refill
A pollution free air powered car is the brainchild of Guy Negre, whose company, Motor Development International or MDI , will start production in France this year.
Superconducting Motor Electric Vehicle Efficiency up 13 Percent
A more efficient superconducting motor electric vehicle has been a research project of Sumitomo Electric Industries with its latest prototype, the Superconductor EV impressing the experts.
Electric Car News Nissan Leaf EV Plug-in, Price $10,000 for 2012
Cheap electric cars, hybrids, and other alternative fuel environmentally friendly vehicles have not been a large part of Nissan's repertoire: until now.
Wi-Fi LAN Router By Autonet Mobile for Internet Access From Any Vehicle
Reviews of the new Autonet Wi-Fi mobile router applaud its quick connect time and download speed. With the need for mobile connection to the Internet expanding, Autonet has made its WI-Fi router available from for about $392.57.
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