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Archived Auto News and Events for July 2009

Device Prevents Text Messaging and Cell Phone Calls While Driving
In an article from, Safe Driving Systems of Salt Lake City manufactures a device which provides a simple solution for parents of teens and others to the notoriously dangerous activity of talking or texting on a cell phone while driving.
Cambridge Car Does 60-MPH with Silicon Solar Cell Skin
Pushing ever outward on the envelope of solar vehicle propulsion, the Eco Racing Team from Cambridge University will enter their "Endeavor" solar powered car in the Australian race from Darwin to Adelaide this October.
Kids Think Car Surfing or Ghost Riding is Cool: Neurosurgeons Disagree
Imitating popular video games and television shows, teens are engaging in a dangerous recreational activity known as car surfing or ghost riding. Serious injuries occur when these kids, standing on the roof, hood or trunk of a moving vehicle, accidentally fall off, as described in a July 2009 online article published by the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics.
Fuel Cell Car from Turkey Gets 1,412 MPG on Hydrogen
Having won third most fuel efficient vehicle in the 26th Shell Eco Marathon, students from Sakayara University in Turkey plan to compete in this year's Global Green Challenge with an improved version of their hydrogen powered vehicle named SAHIMO.
Storage Week Summit Addresses Plug-in Electric Car's Impact on the Grid
From participants as large as the Department of Energy to individual corporations interested in electrical storage, are assembling in La Jolla, California July 13 through 16 for the Storage Summit.
Best Time to Trade In Your SUV as Used Auto Prices Up and Demand Increases
More than ever, people are choosing to buy a pre-owned vehicle rather than a new car to save money. Unfortunately, the inventory of used cars is lower than ever due to slowing new car sales and fewer trade-ins.
ZERO X Electric Motorcycle is a Street Legal Plug-in, Top Speed 60-MPH
Electric plug-in cars are poised to revolutionize the automobile industry by promising to erase foreign oil, environmental damage, and the obscene waste of natural resources from the equation of getting from point A to point B.
Anti-theft Device For Catalytic Converters Fits All Models
Ever since the economy set out on its journey of self-destruction, innovative thieves have diversified into a new activity: catalytic converter theft. Replacement cost for a converter for a big SUV can run $1000 - $2000, so it is a big temptation for unscrupulous used auto parts retailers to make a quick profit.
Best Selling Cars for 2009 Include Camry, Corolla, Accord, and Some Surprises
Although the overall condition of the auto industry is still in dire straits, some of the more popular models are posting sales numbers which are to some enviable but barely survivable.
2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe, a Targa Top for the Last of a Legend
It seems fitting that the 2009 Pontiac Solstice , outfitted with a targa top will be the last model to roll off the production line for the storied automaker.
2010 Toyota IQ Microcar Rumored for US Release to Compete With Smart fortwo
Taking its cues from the Smart fourtwo and other minicars, Toyota is planning to release its 4-passenger IQ for Japanese and European cities later this year.
Diesel-Powered VW's Cheaper, Better MPG, Resale Value Than Comparable Hybrids
With the lasting aroma and noise of diesel-powered vehicles from the seventies still in our memories, it will surprise many American drivers that today's generation of diesels are more affordable, cleaner running, and more fuel efficient than ever.
Non-petroleum Passenger Car Tire is 80 Percent Orange Oil and Nano-Formulated Rubber
Originally developed by its racing engineers, Yokohama Tire Corp. has introduced a passenger tire which is 80 percent petroleum-free, offering a 20 percent lower rolling resistance and lower weight.
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