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Archived Auto News and Events for October 2007

UAW and Ford Take Break from Contract Negotiations
Early Wednesday morning, October 31, marathon contract talks between the United Auto Workers union and the Ford Motor Co. that had been running since Tuesday broke off but were expected to resume in the afternoon.
GM Launches Two Mode Hybrid Transmission
During a ceremony at General Motors' transmission plant in Baltimore on October 29, the company's first Two Mode hybrid transmission rolled off the assembly line.
UAW, Chrysler Contract Threatened in Rank and File Voting
Over the weekend the proposed contract between the United Auto Workers and Chrysler LLC faced even stiffer opposition, with workers in three more plants rejecting the agreement.
UAW National Leadership Lobbies for Approval of Chrysler Contract
With opposition within the United Auto Workers union threatening a smooth ratification of the tentative contract with Chrysler LLC, the union leadership has begun a push to reach local representatives.
Honda Sees Domestic Demand Decline in Japan
Although domestic demand in Japan for Honda cars , has fallen sharply, the country's second-largest automotive manufacturer says it will not alter its global sales projections.
Tokyo Motor Show Set to Begin Next Week
The bi-annual Tokyo Motor Show will be held next week, showcasing the latest offerings from the three major Japanese automakers and introducing concept vehicles to the world.
UAW Leadership Approves Chrysler Contract
Although the vote was not unanimous, leaders of the United Auto Workers union approved the proposed contract with Chrysler LLC today and the matter will now be put to the rank-and-file for voting.
Trouble in the Offing for UAW, Chrysler Deal
According to Automotive News, a group of United Auto Workers leaders in Detroit will issue a "minority report" at the union's national council meeting today expressing their concerns about the UAW's tentative agreement with Chrysler LLC.
Mercedes-Benz Increases Dealer Incentives
After moves to cut costs, restructure is labor force, and improve customer relations, Mercedes Benz USA will now turn its attention to better dealer performance.
UAW, Chrysler Reach Deal After Six Hour Strike
At the end of a national strike that lasted only six hours, the United Auto Workers Union made concessions similar to those in the General Motors contract, but with fewer compensations in return.
UAW Workers Strike Against Chrysler
At 11 a.m. ET today the United Auto Workers Union called a national strike against Chrysler LLC when ongoing negotiations failed to arrive at a new contract agreement.
Strike Deadline Looms in Chrysler, UAW Talks
As negotiations between the United Auto Workers and Chrysler LLC continue, a strike deadline of 11 a.m. ET Wednesday draws closer.

If an agreement is not reached by the deadline, approximately 49,000 UAW workers will walk off the job marking the second national strike against an automaker in less than 30 days.
UAW Strike May Be in the Works for Chrysler
In ongoing negotiations with Chrysler LLC, the United Auto Workers have reputedly issued a warning that the current contract extension will be terminated Tuesday, raising the potential of a strike unless an agreement is reached.
UAW Members Voting on Proposed GM Contract
With voting still underway on the proposed agreement forged between the United Auto Workers and General Motors, approximately 10,000 of the union's 73,000 members have ratified the arrangement.
Daimler AG Returns the Name Mercedes Benz
Out of respect to the historic name and in response to potential investor displeasure Daimler AG has announced that its passenger car arm will be called Mercedes-Benz Cars.
Auto Sales Down for September with Ford Leading the Losers
Ford's sales report for September showed a 20.4 percent decline from one year ago, once again depriving the troubled automaker of any monthly gain in sales since October 2006.
Ford to Donate $5 Million to MIT for Green Research
Ford has announced a five-year annual donation to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Energy Initiative, which is geared toward accelerated research into the development of "green" automobiles.
BMW Set to Introduce Six Models in Coming Years
Over the next few years BMW AG plans to bring six new vehicles to the United States in specific niches in which it does not currently have a market presence.
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