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Archived Auto News and Events for September 2007

Thompson Resigns from Nissan Marketing
Jan Thompson, advertising and marketing chief for Nissan and Infiniti, has abruptly resigned her position with no reasons provided by the automaker or by Thompson herself.
UAW Workers Return to GM Plants
The 73,000 members of the United Auto Workers returned to their jobs in more than 80 General Motors facilities and assembly plants today after their union and the automaker reached a tentative contract agreement yesterday.
UAW and GM Reach Tentative Agreement
The United Auto Workers and General Motors announced on Wednesday that negotiators reached a tentative contract agreement including both a health care trust fund and job security provisions.
Job Security, Not Retiree Benefits, Caused UAW to Strike
Speaking to radio station WJR-AM in Detroit, United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said job security issues are at the heart of the stalemate between the UAW and General Motors.
UAW Workers Strike Against GM
In an escalation of the tension in the ongoing negotiations between the United Auto Workers and General Motors, UAW members went on strike at 11 a.m. ET today.
Cisco Codina, Ford Chief of Sales Retires
The chief of sales for Ford Motor Co. in the United States, Cisco Codina, 55, has announced his retirement after thirty years with the company.

Effective November 1 with his last day at work scheduled for September 21, Codina will take back-logged vacation time for the interim period.
GM Proposes 401(k) Plan to UAW
In ongoing talks with the United Auto Workers Union, General Motors has proposed a 401(k) retirement plan for workers over conventional pensions and wants to freeze raises for cost-of-living expenses to support a union-admministered fund for retiree health care.
National Gasoline Prices Down from Last Week
In a welcome trend, AAA is reporting that gas prices are lower than a week ago with unleaded regular selling for an average $2.79 as compared to $2.81 on September 11.
GM, UAW Return to the Table
Our ongoing coverage of the negotiations between the UAW and GM continues today with news that both parties have returned to the table, and talks have resumed, though the union has announced that if there are any stalls a firm deadline must be set.
UAW and GM Briefly Suspend Talks on Monday
Talks between the United Auto Workers union and General Motors were briefly suspended early Monday after a marathon 16 hours, but are set to resume later today.
GM Singled Out by UAW for Potential Strike
Yesterday the president of the United Auto Workers Ron Gettelfinger told representatives from General Motors that as the lead company in the current contract negotiations local unions should prepare for a strike.
Honda Suspends Mexican Operations after Pipeline Attacks
The effect of rebel attacks against Mexican natural gas pipelines on automotive production in the country worsened Thursday as Honda became the fifth manufacturer to suspend operations.
Mexican Pipeline Explosions Seriously Effect Auto Production
Attacks in southern Mexico against fuel pipelines are having a wide-reaching effect on production at four major automotive assembly plants in the country.
Audi Set to Launch Hybrids in U.S.
In 2008 Audi will launch both diesel and hybrid vehicles in the United States beginning with the full-sized Q7 SUV.

The hybrid powerplant will be a parallel system capable of running on a gasoline engine, electric motor, or a combination of the two simultaneously.
Nissan Rogue to Compete in Crossover Market
The Nissan Rogue, a small, four-cylinder crossover selling for under $20,000 will appear in dealerships this month and go head-to-head with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V.
Siemens and Microsoft Join Forces for Infotainment Products Line
Siemens and Microsoft announced a new partnership today to develop a product line focused on automotive entertainment and navigation products.

The goal or the partnership is to produce in-car technology with better connectivity for both music players and mobile phones that will be in production by 2009.
Fisker and Quantum Fuel Systems Set to Develop Plug-In Hybrid
Henrik Fisker, one-time head designer at Aston Martin, has announced plans to produce a new line of plug-in hybrids set to debut at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show in January.
August Auto Sales Figures Up and Down
In the face of a 6.1 percent August sales gain for GM, Ford Motor Co. saw its numbers slide 14.4 percent.

Even standard strong selling vehicles like the F-150 truck and the well-loved Mustang could not save Ford for the slide while buyers of light trucks buoyed FM.
Nissan Names Dassas to CFO Position
After operating for four years without a chief financial officer, Nissan Motor Co. has named Alain Dassas, formerly of Renault, to fill the position.

Nissan, the third largest automaker in Japan, has not had a CFO since June 2003 when Thierry Moulonguet returned to his former employer Renault where he continues to serve as the French company's CFO.
Ford Discontinues Lincoln Mark LT Pick-Up
Lincoln has announced that the 2008 Mark LT pick-ups will be the last for the line, which was introduced less than three years ago.

Sales of the Mark LT topped out at 12,753 for the 2006 model year and never approached the company target of 20,000 vehicles a year.
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