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Ford forms Partnership with Zipcar to Put Cars on College Campuses

Posted: 09/02/2011 - 4:51 PM ET

On Wednesday, August 31st, Ford Motor Company shared a new way it's going green. How? By partnering with car-sharing company Zipcar, Inc. to supply vehicles for use by the largest customer base: university students at more than 250 campuses around the country.

Zipcar is a car-sharing service that lets members rent cars at an hourly or daily rate, so long as they maintain their annual rental fee. In the two-year partnership with Ford, 650 of the automaker's vehicles will be added to the stable during the current academic year, though that could expand to 1,000 over the life of the arrangement.

As well, Zipcar has pledged to offer a discount of $10 on its $35 annual membership fee for the first 100,000 new members, and $1 off the normal hourly rate for the first million hours of Ford vehicle use at specific colleges.

Zipcare is over a decade old, and is especially successful in urban areas and on college campuses where car ownership isn't always affordable, and even when it is, parking is incredibly scarce and terribly expensive.

The car sharing service is working hard to expand its business across the country, especially in the face of competition from other, similar, services like the "Hertz on Demand" program offered by Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.

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