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Like the five rings that represent the Olympic Games, the four rings of the Audi emblem are immediately recognizable, as well as representative of a combination that turned out to be far greater than the sum of its parts.

Beginning with the inception of the Audi brand in 1909, Audi reinvented itself several times before finally becoming a blend of four independent companies - Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer - in 1932, but even before the Audi became Audi AG, it was producing innovative designs. In 1921, for example, Audi produced the first German car with left-hand drive. This was a major change since right-hand drive, which was leftover from when carriage drivers sat on the right side of a coach, was the standard.

Other technologies that Audi helped to pioneer were front-wheel drive - pulling a car instead of pushing it - the use of aerodynamics in car design, and the use of lightweight materials in automobile construction.

Today, Audi continues their innovative history, with race cars like the 2007 R10 TDI, and performance passenger cars like the A4 line of sedans, Avants, and cabriolets.

Latest Audi Reviews

2012 Audi A5
When you look up the word “sleek” in the dictionary you’ll find three words: 2012 Audi A5. It starts at an MSRP of $37,100, but don’t be concerned with the price. Kelley Blue Book rated it the “Best total cost of ownership in its class.” This year’s A5 comes with sleek, aerodynamic lines that will turn heads as you pass other drivers on the road. It also has a fully galvanized body, made from steel with multistep anti-corrosion protection. The innovative power steering technology will adjust the assistance given, based on the speed of the car. Audi’s Electronic Stabilization Program works by adjusting power and brakes to individual wheels, whenever the vehicle strays from its intended course. Halogen headlights line either side of Audi’s signature grille, on the base model, making for a safe and stylish ride. On the middle model Audi has included xenon headlights, which consume half the power of halogen headlights, while providing much more lighting. The high-end model, the Prestige, has adaptive xenon lights, which turn as the steering wheel turns. more
2012 Audi TT
At 31 MPG highway and 23 in-town, this coupe offers great fuel economy and a style of ride that only comes with Audi. On the outside, boldly redesigned exterior lines give the 2012 Audi TT a remarkably sleek and sporty look.
2012 Audi R8
It’s hard to consider something that has an MSRP price of $114,200 a good deal, but when you consider what you’re getting, Audi truly is giving consumers a good deal.
2012 Audi Q5
Audi has always been a famous German vehicle manufacturer and has continued to impress a wide variety of consumers from around the world. This is due to their ever-present dedication to high-quality automobiles with great innovation and safety trough the years.
2012 Audi A7
Audi has always been a promising company to provide consumers with high-quality luxury cars. Now, the company has come up with the latest high-end car in that category, one which possesses a sporty theme, a very comfortable feel and a fair amount of space that is good enough for a even a large-size sedan.
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