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Audi RS 4

The Audi RS4 first hit sales lots in 2000 and was regarded as the fastest vehicle in Audi's A4 category. This executive car is a five-door model that looks more like a station wagon than a sedan, but has consistently been one of the most powerful vehicles in Audi's lineup. It replaced the Audi RS2 Avant in the maker's stable, and was met with praise from both consumers and critics for both its exterior design and exceptional power. Nevertheless, Audi decided to do away with the model in 2001 and buyers would not get another taste of the RS4 until the 2006 model year.

Originally, the RS4 featured a biturbo V6 engine that produced around 261 hp. Also, in the beginning the RS4 was only available as a station wagon model, and it wasn't until the second generation of the model that a straight sedan version became available to consumers. A six-speed manual transmission and permanent 4WD system were standard on the RS4's first generation as well. One of the most impressive aspects of the original RS4 was the sideguard, Audi's side-curtain airbag system. This feature was standard when most models on the market did not even offer it as an addition.

It was not until August of 2006 that the American public got another look at the Audi RS4, and this time the model had undergone some significant changes. Not only was it available in a sedan model, the RS4 featured a 32-valve Fuel Stratified Injection V8 engine that produced 414 brake horsepower. However, buyers were a bit disappointed when they discovered that only a 6-speed manual transmission was available. This generation also featured the permanent all-wheel drive, but was also equipped with Dynamic Ride Control and 19-inch alloy wheels.

The latest version of the Audi RS4 is used in several different racing competitions. Also, a number of upcoming films plan to use the Audi RS4 in racing scenes, as well as simple parking and driving scenes. However, these RS4s might be altered for the films, as some of the directors are asking for the vehicle to their specifications. One of the latest rumors is that the Audi RS4 Cabrio (already available in the UK and Germany) will soon be making its debut on the American market, giving the BMW M a run for its money. However, Audi spokespeople have yet to confirm the rumor. The rumor is furthered by gossip that once the Cabrio hits American sales lots, Audi will phase out the original wagon and sedan versions.

Audi RS 4 Reviews by Year

2008 Audi RS 4
The 2008 Audi RS4 compact 4-door sedan is a performance dynamo with its all-wheel drive quattro and 420-hp, 4.2-liter V-8. To prove its point, the RS4 comes with a fun 6-speed manual transmission that allows it to achieve 0-60 mph 4.63 seconds. And, new for 2008, the Audi RS4 is introducing a convertible model to break even more hearts. .

Proving that there is more to the RS4 than an over-achieving engine, enjoy programmed two phase front air conditioning with particulate matter ionizer, easy to operate sunroof, designer steering wheel with adjustable height and angle, and a pair of front lit vanity mirrors. The perfect blending of style and practicality, put the floor console with covered box to use while listening to a powerful AM/FM/CD player. Ponder the choice of two new option ensembles that offer the mystique of black trim or red.

Protect the lives and security of your friends and family with the RS4's anti-lock brakes with brake assist, and four-wheel disc brakes. Cushion those precious organs and noggins with driver and passenger front-impact airbags, side-impact airbags, and overhead airbags. more
2007 Audi RS 4
All new for this model year, and offered in only one trim level, the 2007 Audi RS4 at first appears to be a zippy little sedan with the requisite four doors and seating for five.
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