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The BMW X3 was introduced in the year 2003, designated as a sports activity vehicle based on the BMW 3 series. A number of parts that are used in the X3 are also found in the 3 series. The new vehicle was equipped with the xDrive, a system that ensured equal distribution of power from the engine to all four tires. On introduction, the X3 was available with three engines, the 2.5 liter 6 cylinder, the 3 liter 6 cylinder and a 204 horsepower diesel engine. Though the X3 had a number of good features about it, the model was criticized for a number of failings. The ride on the X3 was not very comfortable especially if one was driving the vehicle on rugged terrain.

In the year 2005 the X3 was refurbished with a more powerful engine and better materials used inside the vehicle. The new vehicle was now being powered by two engines, the 2.5 liter and the 3.0 liter engine, with a smooth inside with better materials. Added to the new engine were six gears that one could use while going forward. The brakes and stability control of the vehicle were improved to facilitate a better response from both the driver and the vehicle in case of an emergency.

The X3 in the model year 2007 got a new engine. The engine is the same as the BMW 3 series. The new powerful engine is an all new 3.0 liter six cylinder engine, which gives 35 more horsepower then the previous engine. The new vehicle comes with a new six automatic gears. BMW has not only changed the engine and the gear system, but also given the vehicle a new look from its outside. There's a new bumper and a new headlight to boot. BMW has also given the vehicle a new brake system and lights in the back to warn drivers following the X3 that the vehicle is going to stop. The BMW X3 has new 17 inch tires, a new look steering wheel and new jacks to play additional music formats like MP3 and IPODs.

BMW X3 Reviews by Year

2012 BMW X3
The 2012 BMW X3 is available to consumers in 8 colors and starts at a price of $37,100. Colors include Deep Sea Blue Metallic, Space Gray Metallic, Mineral Silver Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic, Titanium Silver Metallic, Vermilion Red Metallic, Sparkling Bronze Metallic and Blue Water Metallic. There are also four wheel options available. They are Star Spoke aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum alloy V-spoke wheels, Y-spoke 18 aluminum alloy wheels and double-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. The front end and grille look just like that of any BMW sedan, except this Sport Activity Vehicle has an SAV (SUV) body. The BMW X3 is also equipped to handle all your vacation needs. It even has an included bike rack/carrier, capable of transporting up to 3 full-size bikes on the back of the vehicle. The bike rack can also serve as a table, with an attachment for outdoor picnics and breaks on long, tenuous drives. For those times when conditions are just plain miserable, the X3 has heated power mirrors, to ward off sleet, snow and fog. more
2011 BMW X3
The all new 2011 BMW X3 offers you loads of utility, strong off-road capability and all around driving fun in a very nicely-appointed Sports Activity Vehicle.
2010 BMW X3
Largely unchanged from last year, the 2010 BMW X3 is a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) that performs like a sports car, yet is also able to deliver you to off-road destinations very efficiently.
2009 BMW X3
The 2009 BMW X3 is BMW's smallest SUV - they're actually called sports activity vehicles by BMW. It competes with Acura RDX, Mazda CX-7 , Volvo XC60, Infiniti EX, Mercedes-Benz GLK, Land Rover LR2 and the Volkswagen Tiguan.
2008 BMW X3
The 2008 BMW X3 is a compact luxury SUV that offers a combination of true BMW road manners and comfort with the versatility and practicality of a larger sports utility.
2007 BMW X3
The 2007 BMW X3 is the smallest SUV in the automaker's stable. Receiving a long overdue makeover since its introduction in 2004, the X3 now sports a 3-liter inline V6 (the same engine used in the 3 series) and delivers an additional 35 horsepower over the old model taking the total to a pleasing 260 hp.
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