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The Chrysler Corporation, which has actually been the DaimlerChrysler Motors Company, LLC, since 1998, and is known as the Chrysler Group here in the USA, has been producing automobiles since 1925. It's been the third largest of the "Big 3" auto companies for most of its history since then, but in January 2007, it outsold the traditionally second-place Ford.

Founded by Walter P. Chrysler, the company was built from the remaining assets of the Maxwell Motor Company in the early 1920's after he had originally been hired to overhaul the Maxwell-Chalmers company, which was having serious operations issues. The last Chalmers automobile was produced in 1923, and the first Chrysler was launched in 1924: a 6-cylinder car designed to be advanced, well-engineered, and reasonably priced.

As the years went by Chrysler expanded its operations, creating the Plymouth brand in order to offer lower priced cars (essentially re-branding 4-cylinder models), and the DeSoto brand in the mid-price range. The Dodge brothers' car company was later acquired, and, in 1955, Imperial became a brand of its own, setting Chrysler up as a direct competitor to GM, which also had five brands under its umbrella.

Chrysler's attempts at innovation weren't always successful. In 1934 the company used scientific aerodynamic principles to create the Chrysler Airflow line of cars, as well as the industry's first wind tunnel, which was used to design them, but the public didn't like them. Instead it was the conservative, conventional models from Plymouth and Dodge that carried the car maker through the Depression. Plymouth, in fact, actually increased sales during that time. On the other hand, thirty years later, Chrysler would be the first major car manufacturer to offer unibody construction, which became the industry standard as it produced less rattling when cars were driven. Additionally, Chrysler was the first to move from electrical generators to alternators, which would also become the industry standard.

Today, the Chrysler group is offering some of the most popular cars in America, including the retro-looking PT Cruiser, and the smooth-riding convertible Sebring, as well as the Pacifica SUV and the Town and Country minivan. It remains an important part of the American automotive industry, and the cultural landscape.

Latest Chrysler Reviews

2012 Chrysler 300
The 2012 Chrysler 300 has it all: style, performance, luxury, affordability and whatever else you can conjure up. Itís available to consumers, starting at $28,470 for purchase, or for lease at $339 per month for 36 months. While the exterior design has remained mostly the same over the years, the 2012 Chrysler 300 has many new and innovative features. The bi-xenon headlights not only surpass standard halogen lights, in terms of brightness energy conservation, but they also turn with the wheels, illuminating curves before standard lights would be able to. Not only that, but with this Adaptive Forward Lighting, the lights are automatically adjusted according to the carís speed and slope that itís driving on. The large and signature grille provides additional appeal, while maximizing air flow under the hood. .

Noise-reducing technology has been included with the 2012 Chrysler 300, making it possibly the quietest ride in its class. Control mounted on the steering wheel allow the driver to change audio settings, adjust cruise control and connect to callers through a Bluetooth calling system. more
2011 Chrysler 300
Refinement, spaciousness, technology and safety are meshed seamlessly together to create the newly redesigned 2011 Chrysler 300. It's a 4-door full-sized sedan that's made its way to the center of America's hearts and minds.
2011 Chrysler Town & Country
The majorly revised 2011 Chrysler Town And Country features an all-new engine, enhanced suspension system, innovative styling and an upgraded interior.
2011 Chrysler 200
The stylish 2011 Chrysler 200 holds its spot firmly in the very competitive midsized car class. A replacement for the Sebring, the 200 offers value via a strong level of standard amenities, impressive safety ratings and a variety of trims including a convertible.
2010 Chrysler Town & Country
Luxuriously spun into a new decade, the 2010 Chrysler Town and Country is packed with upscale features and innovative amenities. It has earned 5-Star safety ratings for driver's and passenger's side frontal crash tests from the NHTSA and retails for modest price points ranging from $25,175 to $35,875.
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