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In 1901, when the Dodge brothers (John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge) moved their Bicycle & Machine Factory to Detroit, Michigan, they probably didn't know they would one day be one of the best known American car makers. At the time, their bearings and other parts were in demand with the early automobile industry, and they helped design motor parts for early Oldsmobiles.

In 1902, Henry Ford approached the Dodge brothers for help in financing his own automobile company, which they did, as well as manufacturing parts for early Fords, to everyone's mutual benefit. Twelve years later, the brothers opened the Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle company, and selected 50 dealers to represent their line, based on applications received from around the country. Some of those dealers remain successful even today. In 1917 the Dodge Brothers sued the Ford company, which increased their revenue, and started building motor trucks.

In 1925 the company was purchased by Dillon, Read & Company for a $148 million, which was said to be the largest cash transaction in history (up to that time). Three years later, Dodge was sold again, this time to Chrysler. Dodge today is still a part of Chrysler (now DaimlerChrysler), and is known primarily for its trucks - so much so that they account for 78% of sales.

The company represented by the ram logo is trying to change that, however, with the Charger and Challenger. It's also been re-branding itself in Europe, pushing the new Dodge viper. Dodge says it's "ram tough" and its history supports this.

Latest Dodge Reviews

2013 Dodge Challenger
The 2013 Dodge Challenger is everything a standard muscle car should be. It has bold, awe-inspiring exterior lines, coupled with downright gritty, nasty power under the hood and a suspensions system that ties it all together into one sweet package. Engineers at Dodge maintained the classic muscle car appearance, for which the Challenger has become famous over the years. The classic signature racing stripes on the side, give the Challenger that vintage look which it has so proudly boasted, since the 1970s. Racing stripes are also available on the top of the car, extending from the front of the hood to the rear of the trunk. Dodge realizes that everyone has different preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all. With that in mind, there are four different wheel packages available, ranging in size from 18 inches to 20 inches and boasting looks that range from sporty to luxurious. This muscle car comes with standard halogen headlights, but offers available HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights, offering greater visibility during low-light hours. more
2013 Dodge Journey
For budget-conscious entrepreneurs of quality sport-utility vehicles, the 2013 Dodge Journey has to be at the top of one's wish list. For starters, it has an MSRP price beginning at a wallet-friendly $19,195.
2013 Dodge Avenger
With an intriguingly reasonable MSRP of just $19,795, the 2013 Dodge Avenger would make a great addition to the average commuter's life. The Avenger is a perfectly adept mid-size sedan, lacking the intricate bells and whistles of many cars in its class, however surpassing many of those models in overall customer satisfaction.
2013 Dodge Charger
At first glance, most potential car buyers would think the 2013 Charger is out of their price range. However, starting at a reasonable $25,995 this performance sedan is going to be available to many consumers looking for a new car.
2013 Dodge Durango
Whatever premonitions you had about the 2013 Dodge Durango, based on your observation of past models, cast them aside. This is the new-and-improved Durango, capable of handling everything from smooth city streets to rugged off-road terrain.
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