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Dodge Caravan

With an almost twenty-five year history, the Dodge Caravan has changed the way families travel in America. This minivan first hit the market in 1984 and wowed audiences with its modern versatility. The precursor to the Grand Caravan, this model clearly caught the attention of the buying public and quickly became the bestselling minivan on the market. While the first generation of the minivan had a boxy, unadorned face, the newest fifth generation has a more forward, modern design with a muscular build and defined center spine line.

The first Caravan was equipped with a 2.2L K I4 and was available in three different trim levels. A turbocharged version was also offered, but did not sell well and was later discontinued. It was in the second model year that Car and Driver named the Dodge Caravan as one of their ten best. In 1987 Dodge styled the Caravan with exterior wood grain accents, but the trend quickly faded, and the wood paneling was suspended in 1990.

The second generation of the Caravan was fitted with several different V6 engine choices, and a driver's side airbag was implemented as well. All-wheel drive also became available on the Dodge Caravan in the second generation. However, it wasn't until the third generation began in 1996 that the exterior received a makeover. The squared style was swapped for a more curved, streamlined design. An all-new driver's side sliding door was implemented, where previous model years had the typical swing out door style. This innovation gave the Caravan a more aerodynamic appeal, and buyers continued to make this minivan a top seller in the United States.

It wasn't until the fourth generation that Dodge introduced "Stow 'n Go" seating, an inventive system that allows rear seating to fold down into the floor to allow for extra cargo space. This system reinvented the minivan and gave it credibility as a vehicle that could be used for both the family and worksite. The fourth generation also brought about a name change for the model, and it officially became the Dodge Grand Caravan (taking the trim level badge and applying it to the entire model line). The minivan also received two sliding doors for easier rear entry.

The newest addition to the Grand Caravan is the "Swivel 'n Go" second row seating. These seats can turn 360 degrees so that passengers can converse and "hang out" with third row passengers with ease. The swivel seating provides a more intimate environment and gives the feeling of sitting in a living room with two comfortable couches facing each other.

Dodge Caravan Reviews by Year

2007 Dodge Caravan
The 2007 Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan mini vans are available in two models each. The Caravan SE sells for $19,420 while the SXT carries an MSRP of $23,360. The Grand Caravan SE lists at $24,070 and the SXT at $28,155. The SE is powered by a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine while the SXT and Grand Caravan SE have a 3.3 liter V6. The Grand Caravan SXT is outfitted with a 3.8 liter V6.

The Carvans and Grand Caravans are characterized by a wide variety of interior passenger configurations. The Grand Caravan feaures the Stow 'n Go seating and storage system that allows the second and third row seats to be quickly folded into the floor. The van can go from seating seven to two in approximately half a minute. Additionally, the third-row bench (with a 60/40 configuration) flips rearward to create tailgate seating while the liftgate provides shelter from the weather. (A changer in the dash to handle six CDs or DVDs, backseat video, and SIRIUS Satellite Radio are all options.).

The 2007 Dodge Caravan minivans are equipped with a comprehensive arrage of multiple stage air bags that deploy according to an occupant sensing system. more
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