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2009 Ford E-Series Passenger Van

Posted: 10/01/2008 - 2:17 PM ET

The vastly-spacious the 2009 Ford E-Series Passenger Van provide purchasers with the upmost in cargo hauling capacity. These vans are monsters! With base model seating capacity just for two, the Ford E-Series Vans range in price from $25,060 for the E-150 up to $34,695 for the E-350 Super Duty models. We won't mention much about fuel efficiency here, but just assume that they are not the cheapest vehicles on the road to drive, especially when loaded down. Of course, that's not why they were created anyway.

What they were created for is to move cargo - and lots of it. The E-150 ($25,060 - $30,115) comes stock with a 4.6L 225hp Triton V8 or an optional 5.4L 255hp Triton V8. Either engine chosen comes with a 4-speed auto tranny. The interior is cavernous to say the least. 4-wheel ABS, AC and tilt steering are about all of the luxury that you'll be granted here. Regular and extended cab versions are available as well as your choice between a commercial and recreational trims. The recreational trim is uniquely-suited to the purchaser's whims and needs. There is also the rugged XL trim for off-road apps and the more-loaded XLT trim for added luxury and up to 8 passengers.

For 2009, the E-150 from Ford was fitted with a newly-designed instrument panel, an oversized glove box and "Flex-Fuel" engine performance. The "Flex-Fuel" engine operates on straight regular gasoline or an 85/15 ethanol/gasoline mixture. Both electronic stability control and electronic traction control systems are standard features on all E-Series vans.

The E-250 ranges in price from $26,095 up to $29,975 and features the same engine and transmission choices as does the E-150. As with the E-150, the E-250 comes with the spare tire stored under the body to maximize interior cargo space. Of course, the difference between the models is in the suspension systems. The E-250 can handle more of a load without squatting or even breaking a sweat. Trims and optional features also match those of the E-150.

The king of the hill for the E-Series Passenger Vans by Ford, the E-350 Super Duty, is a monster on wheels. MSRPs range from $28,885 up to $34,695, model/cab/trim-dependent. Up to par with class standards, all E-Series Fords come with a basic warranty good for 36 months or 36,000 miles. The E-350 comes with the 5.4L 255hp Triton V8 with 4-speed auto transmission; it runs like a beaten ape and can carry loads that seem impossible. As if that wasn't already too much power, there are not one, but two, optional engines also available: a 6.0L 235hp Powerstroke diesel and a huge 6.8L 305hp Triton V8. For the E-350, the XLT trim with extended cab can carry up to 15 passengers in comfortable safety. Wow - 15!

The 2009 Ford E-Series Passenger Vans are made for hauling both people and their cargo - plain and simple. They are giants of the road and continue to serve as such. The E-Series lineage remains on of fascination and unmatched utility. When you have serious hauling to do - the Ford E-Series sets the standards.

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