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Ford E-Series Passenger Van

In 1961, the Ford Motor Company launched the first Ford E-Series Passenger van - a full-sized van based on the then popular Ford Falcon design. Its size put it into a market that competed with the Volkswagen Type 2 and the Chevrolet Corvair Sportvan. Before it took off as the standard for company and governmental fleets, it was an acceptable trademark in the hippie world - displaying custom paint jobs that symbolized and peace, love, harmony and freedom.

It was the Bell Telephone Company that helped to establish the Ford E-Series van as the standard for corporate transportation requirements. In fact, still today, the Ford E-Series full-sized passenger van dominates roughly 79.6% of all sales of full-sized vans in the US. There were over 168,000 units sold in the United States in 2007 alone. Further, the E-Series passenger van by Ford has been the top-selling van in its class for 29 years straight.

The earliest flat-nosed E-vans from Ford had 144 cid 6-cylinder engines mated to a 3-speed transmission. The engine was seated in between the two front seats - you know, the kind that bulged up painfully to crowd the front occupants. In fact, early models were fitted with a 165-pound weight added to the rear to balance its otherwise too-heavy front end.

With the massive and instant success of the Ford E-Series vans well-established, 1968 saw the second generation emerge. The van world was rocked as Ford took an innovative approach and relocated the engine all the way forward under a new short hood (instead of the flat nose design). C-Class motor homes based their designs on this short-hooded new standard from Ford as well - and continue to do so today. The E-Series for 1968 also was the first ever to incorporate a double-I-beam suspension system - a feature that has never been changed in E-vans. It also was offered for the first time by Ford, and as a class first, as a more powerful V8.

In 1971, the E-Series vans from Ford received a redesigned grille as well as an elongated and more box-like design. In 1972, optional sliding rear doors were added as well as an optional stripped chassis that was normally reserved for off-road vehicles. In 1975, the Navistar Diesel V8 was introduced and the E-Series was again lengthened and made boxier. It was also made available for the first time as a 4WD vehicle - optional of course.

With an almost-standard hood and a body style that stuck around until 1991, the 1975 E-Series vans were probably the most different than all other generations. In 1983, the Ford blue ovular logo was added to the grille. In 1992, the Ford E-Series passenger vans received their next generational makeover.

The box-like design was shoved aside and a new curvy and aerodynamically-inclined version was released. A Triton 6.8L V10 engine was incorporated and the seating capacity was increased to optionally accommodate up to 15 passengers. Motor Trend magazine also named the E-Series Chateau Club Wagon the truck of the year. Leaving well enough alone, nothing much changed again until 2007 when the new E-Series was revealed at the New York Auto Show.

It featured an upgraded 7.3L Power Stroke diesel, a chromed-out frontal grille, bigger headlights and a nose that was considerably more streamlined. In 2009, dash-mounted navigational systems were added as optional features and cargo space was increased. Other new features include a rear backing camera, a glove box for passengers and available gas-saving 4.6L or 5.4L E-85 engines - the same that are used on the F-150 pickups.

As 2010 approaches, there are unconfirmed rumors that Ford will only be producing the E-Series for commercial fleet purchases and not for public consumption. However, for the time being at least, the Ford E-Series passenger vans still dominate the market - working on 30 years straight now.

Ford E-Series Passenger Van Reviews by Year

2011 Ford E-Series Passenger Van
The big and powerful 2011 Ford E Series Passenger Van is a safe and dependable people mover with seating to accommodate up to 15 passengers. According to sales statistics, it's America's favorite full sized van, as it has been for 32 years now. It features a 16-valve SOHC 4.6L Triton V8 SEFI engine that delivers 225 horsepower at 4800 RPM. It runs on E85 FlexFuel gasoline and features a cast iron block with cylinder heads of alloy. The E Series comes with a special Roadside Assistance Warranty that's good for 60 months or 60,000 miles. Pricing begins at $28,185.

Ford E Series Passenger Van 2011 Video.

Of course, a Ford E Series Passenger Van has to be safe. Hauling people is what it's all about! The new E Series can accommodate up to 15 passengers in complete safety with standard safety features including:.

Electronic traction control;.

Automatic locking retractors;.

Advanced rack electronic stability system with Roll Stability Control;.

3-point safety belts;.

Frontal seat belt pretensioners;.

Emergency fuel shut-off;. more
2010 Ford E-Series Passenger Van
The 2010 Ford E-Series commercial van comes in four different models, two of which are passenger vans: the XL and the XLT. Retail pricing begins at $27,970, about $419 per month with excellent Ford financing incentives and options.
2009 Ford E-Series Passenger Van
The vastly-spacious the 2009 Ford E-Series Passenger Van provide purchasers with the upmost in cargo hauling capacity. These vans are monsters! With base model seating capacity just for two, the Ford E-Series Vans range in price from $25,060 for the E-150 up to $34,695 for the E-350 Super Duty models.
2008 Ford E-Series Passenger Van
The 2008 Ford E-Series passenger van is a rear wheel drive, full size van that is available in a variety of configurations and can transport up to 12 passengers.
2007 Ford E-Series Passenger Van
The 2007 Ford E-Series of vans is available in eight models: the E-150 XL Wagon, the E-150 XLT Wagon, the E-150 Chateau, the E-350 Super Duty XL Wagon, the E-350 Super Duty XLT Wagon, the E-350 Super Duty Ext Length XL, the E-350 Super Duty EXT Length XLT and as conversion packages (prices vary.).
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