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Ford Focus

The Ford Focus was originally released on the European market in 1998, but did not make it across the pond until 1999 for the 2000 model year. Replacing the longstanding Ford Escort, the Focus gained a significant amount of press upon its release. The compact car's contemporary design coupled with impressive fuel economy was enough to get critics tongues wagging. However, the SE Wagon trim of the Focus was looked upon as both matronly and bland. Somehow, just by lengthening the stylish hatchback version, the wagon became stagnant and mediocre. Because of its general disregard by the public, Ford discontinued production on the wagon in 2008 along with the hatchback versions as well.

Little changed in the model's first generation from 1999-2007. The body stayed virtually the same with its streamlined, European-influenced profile. The 2002 model year brought about the addition of the Focus ZX5 edition, a five-door hatchback that was popular with the younger buyers. But, that trim was also cancelled for the 2008 model year. Other modifications include a tweak of the front grille, a rear headlamp revamp, and bigger bumpers. A number of varying I4 engines were used throughout the first generation as well, with horsepower varying from 110 to 151.

As more and more other makers began producing similarly styled models, Ford realized that in order for the Focus to continue in the lineup, it would need a makeover to stand out from the overflowing crowd. So, when the second generation began in 2008, the manufacturer made some drastic changes. Letting go of the unpopular trims, the Focus was now only available as a four-door sedan and a two-door coupe was introduced. A sleek exterior was accented with defined lines on the hood, and several up-to-date technological features (Bluetooth capability, improved audio system, ambient lighting, etc.) were added to mix as well. A tire pressure monitoring system is standard now, while only a 140 horsepower 2.4L Duratec I4 is available for 2008.

Plans for the future of the Ford Focus are hazy. While reports have been flying that the maker is in financial straits, talk of a discontinuation of the model entirely has been spreading. However, Ford has yet to confirm or deny any gossip floating around the Focus. Some critics claim to have the inside scoop that the Focus will soon be available as a hybrid model, but the maker is yet again keeping tight lipped.

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Ford Focus Reviews by Year

2012 Ford Focus
Available in 10 pleasing colors and starting at just $18,300 MSRP, at first glance and second for that matter the 2012 Ford Fusion is a tough competitor to beat. The innovative exterior design causes the Focus to resemble more of a crossover coupe/wagon than anything else. The engineers at Ford went above and beyond expectations, as far as exterior looks are concerned. A newly redesigned grill gives the 2012 Focus some of the recognition it deserves; of course outward appearance is just a small fraction of what to consider when buying a new car. .

The 2012 Ford Focus has been reengineered with a new-and-improved chassis as well as a new suspension, a newly engineered corner assist system that directs torque where you have the most traction. The new sport-tuned suspension offers consumers responsive handling, due to a control blade rear suspension and a rear-stabilizer bar. Available with the Focus is the Titanium Handling Package, which includes a sport-tuned suspension and 18 alloy wheels. Ford has also included responsive and innovative technology, such as their all-new Torque Vectoring Control, allowing the vehicle to evenly distribute torque to suit various driving conditions, automatically. more
2011 Ford Focus
Reviewers, in general, have not been all that kind to the 2011 Ford Focus. With a complete refresh of the model on the books for 2012 and the market for small, fuel-efficient cars heating up, the 2011, which carries an MSRP of $16,640 to $19,670, does not stack up all that well against the competition.
2010 Ford Focus
Sportier than ever, the 2010 Ford Focus is carrying on its relatively new redesign from 2008. Both the interior and the exterior were restyled while Ford left the platform and exterior dimensions basically unchanged.
2009 Ford Focus
With four trim models starting under $18,000 (the S model starting under $15,000) the front wheel drive 2009 Ford Focus is competitive on price. SE, SES and SEL are each a step up, but all very reasonable.
2008 Ford Focus
The 2008 Ford Focus underwent significant alterations for the coming model year including the removal of both the hatchback and wagon versions from the line-up.
2007 Ford Focus
The 2007 Ford Focus, starting from an MSRP of $14,130 is available as a 3-door hatchback, sedan, ST Sedan, 5-door hatchback, and wagon. All have a seating capacity of five and available trunk spaces ranging from 14.8 cubic feet on the sedan to 35.2 on the wagon.
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