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Ford Mustang

The first generation Mustang was introduced to the public in 1964 at the New York World Fair in 1964. The first generation Mustang launch was preceded by two concept cars. The First concept car derived its power from a V4 Engine and seated two. This machine was unveiled in 1962. The second concept car was launched in 1963, and it seated four passengers. The Mustang when introduced in 1964 shared a number of its characteristics with the Ford Falcon. The Mustang was launched as a coupe or as a convertible. It was 181.6 inches long. The Mustang derived its power from a wide choice of engines. The engines were a 2.8-liter OHV; a 3.3-liter OHV; a 4.3-liter OHV V8; a 4.7-liter V8; a four-barrel 289 engine and at the last a four-barrel 289. All the engines except the last were equipped with 3 manual gears, and the last was equipped with four manual gears. In 1965 Ford added the GT version to the Mustang Line up. The next year Ford added a few more color choices. The second generation Mustang made its debut in 1967. The new Mustang was longer by 2 inches then its predecessor, the grille opening of the car was a bit bigger, it had better rear lights and the rear window had glass not plastic. The new Mustang was powered by a 200-cubic-inch six engine, though one had a choice of getting 200, 225 and 271horsepower K-code 289 V8s engines to power it.

The Third Generation Mustang made its debut in 1969, and it got four headlights, a better looking nose. The new vehicle had a number of engines from which it could derive its power from. The entry level engine was a 200 six, while one could get a Mustang with a 250 Six. Also available were a 5.8 Liter V8. To compete on the racing tracks Mustang came up with the Boss version of cars in 1969. In 1971, the Forth Generation of the Mustang came into the market. The new car was powered by a range of engines starting with a 250 six, a 302, two 351s and two new engines that were titled Cobra jet and Super cobra Jet. In 1973, the only change in the Mustang was the Change in its engine power. The fifth generation Ford Mustang came into the market in 1975. The new car was shorter in size and lighters then the earlier versions. The new vehicle derived its power from a four cylinder engine and was available as a hatchback or coupe. In 1975 a V8 engine was added to the line up of engines of the Mustang. Also a MPG coupe was added to the line up. In 1976 a new V8 engine became available. Inn 1979 the sixth Generation Mustang hit the roads. It came in two versions, a coupe model or a fast back hatchback. The new vehicle had more room inside it for the passengers. The new Mustang derived its power from one of these three engines-a 2.3-liter SOHC engine, a 2.8-liter Cologne V6 and the 4.9-liter V8. In 1980, changes were made to the engines that were offered with the Mustang. Removed from the Line up were the 2.8-liter V6 and the 4.9-liter V8 engines and now available was the 3.3 Liter V6. In 1981, the 4.9 Liter V8 Engine became a 5.0 Liter V8 engine and now The Mustang was available in L, GL and GLX versions. The sixth Generation Ford Mustang was replaced by a seventh generation car in 1994. The car was available in a two door version of the coupe and a convertible. The car could derive its power from a 3.8-liter Essex V6 engine or a 5.0-liter V8 engine. In 1999 the Eighth generation Mustang made its debut. Changes were made to the Mustangs 3.8-liter V6 engine and its 4.6-liter V8 engine.

Ford Mustang Reviews by Year

2012 Ford Mustang
Ford brings its customers the 2012 Ford Mustang - a new and improved version of the Mustang enthusiasts have known for years. Featured on the 2012 Mustang are characteristics that consumers have grown used to, like the Boss 302, but also modifications such as its power steering configurations that are made adjustable. With several innovations to the Mustang, Ford’s engineers have finally made a model that would suit today's vehicle trends with both creativity and performance.

The Ford Mustang is actually a remake of the Boss 302 of the late 1960’s. This not only makes it a great collectible, but ensures quality performance. There have been numerous upgrades with its hardware that makes it easier to handle, and it now runs with an enticing 444 horsepower. Many reviewers and test-drivers have complained about the ultra-stiff handling of year’s past models.

The 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 comes in two different types. The first type contains a V6 engine which can bring up to 305 horsepower and can run up to and impressive 31 miles per gallon. more
2011 Ford Mustang
In spite of its long history of powerful worldwide recognition, the modern 2011 Ford Mustang charges out of the gates with an all-new stock 3.7L V6 that cranks out 305 ponies and 280 lb-ft of torque.
2010 Ford Mustang
The 2010 Ford Mustang represents the first major refreshing of the S197 platform muscle car since its release in 2005. The underlying characteristics of this hit seller will remain intact, but there will be various changeups made concerning the lineup, available powertrains and both interior and exterior design standards.
2009 Ford Mustang
With forty-five years on the road, the 2009 Ford Mustang is truly an American classic, and this model year's edition shouldn't disappoint longtime fans; nevertheless, the lack of stability control and poor gas mileage might turn away potential buyers.
2008 Ford Mustang
For 2008 Ford Mustang is offered in eight trim packages spanning the V6 Deluxe Coupe to the GT Premium Convertible. Manufacturer's suggested retail price ranges from $19,250 to $31,845.
2007 Ford Mustang
The 2007 Ford Mustang, an automotive legend, is currently offered in twelve models: the V6 Deluxe for $19,995; the V6 Deluxe Convertible $24,820; the V6 Premium $20, 990; the V6 Premium Convertible $25,815; the GT Deluxe $26,440; the GT Deluxe Convertible $31,265; the GT Premium $27,620; the GT Premium Convertible $32,445; the Shelby GT 500 $41,675; the Shelby GT Convertible $46,500; the V6 Pony Package $21,740; and the GT Cal Special Package $29,515.
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