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Ford Taurus X

Originally released in 1986, the Ford Taurus was the maker's primary sedan. Over the years it has undergone significant changes. The most recent modification has been the inception of the Ford Taurus X, which replaced the Freestyle in Ford's lineup. This latest edition is a crossover vehicle that embodies both the style of a sedan with the capabilities of an SUV. Though the Taurus X appears significantly different than the original Taurus sedan, they are constructed on the same platform, hence the name sharing.

The Taurus X is a mid-size crossover that seats up to seven passengers. The X is equipped with a 3.5L Duratec 35 V6 that produces 263 horsepower. It also gets fair gas mileage with 16 city MPG and 24 highway MPG. The National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration have awarded the Ford Taurus X with the coveted "Safest Seven-Passenger Crossover in America" award too. Buyers consistently say that they feel safer and more in control behind the wheel of the Taurus X.

Unfortunately for Ford, rumors have been flying that the Taurus X will be discontinued in 2009. With the X possibly only having a one-year run on the market, some say that Ford did not even give it a chance. However, according to critics, the X's spot will easily be swallowed up by the Ford Edge, its other seven passenger crossover. Even at the Chicago Auto Show in 2007, reporters were predicting that the Taurus X did not stand a chance. With an overflowing lineup of crossovers and SUVs, the reviewers said that no one would notice the X. They were not entirely wrong. Sales were nowhere near what Ford had forecasted, but this may not be completely Ford's fault. In general, the American market has become overwhelmed with the lineup of new crossover vehicles; so, buyers may simply have been lured away by another maker's model.

Latest in the rumor mill is that Ford will not completely discontinue the Taurus X. Instead the maker will give the vehicle to its sub company Mercury to compete with its own CUV, the Mercury Mountaineer. Mercury will then have the choice of revising the name and design. Blogs are reporting that buyers have become wary of Ford because of its recent rash of indecision with many of its vehicles. Nevertheless, with the highest crash test rating available, many wonder if Ford will be making the right decision in 2009. Overall, the Ford Taurus X may have a short life, but it's been an interesting one.

Ford Taurus X Reviews by Year

2009 Ford Taurus X
In a time when an upscale trim level means flashy gadgetry and glossy chrome, Ford has opted to take its cues from the past and give the Ford Taurus X a trim that is both elegant and practical. The Eddie Bauer Edition of the 2009 Ford Taurus X stands out from the crowd with a sophisticated two-tone paintjob, 18-inch aluminum wheels, leather-trimmed seating, and dual-zone automatic climate control. Most of these additions, other than the paintjob, can be added singly to the two other trims as well. But even for these high-end features, the Taurus X ends up being a bit underwhelming in terms of overall design. The profile seems to revert back to the past, rather than move forward in style. This four-door seven-passenger SUV resembles a wagon more than sport utility. Also, the lackluster exterior on the base model blends in with every other standard SUV on the market. There have been recent rumors that the Taurus X is on its final days, and it would be no wonder with this mediocre model.

Under the hood, buyers can expect a 263 horsepower 3.5L Duratec V6. more
2008 Ford Taurus X
The 2008 Ford Taurus X replaces the Ford Freestyle, if in name only. Look for increased horsepower with a new 363 V6 with a six-speed automatic transmission that squeezes out 16 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.
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