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Honda was founded by Soichiro Honday, a mechanic who developed his own idea for piston rings in 1938, after working at Art Shokai. He attempted to sell them to Toyota, who contracted with him. He built a facility to meet Toyota's demands, but it was almost completely destroyed during World War II.

With what he had left in the Japanese market, Soichiro Honda created a new company. Since his country had been decimated by the war, and was starved for both cash and fuel, but still needed basic, reliable transportation, he attached an engine to a bicycle. This would be the beginning of the "Honda Reasearch Institute Company, Ltd." While the official Japanese name remains with the company, what the rest of the world knows as the Honda Motor Company was officially founded on September 24, 1948.

Soichiro Honda quickly recovered from the losses incurred during the war by producing and selling a range of motorcycles and scooters. The American Honda Company was founded in 1958, and the first Honda motorcycle was introduced to the US market just a year later. By the 1970's Honda was the largest producer of motorcycles around, and it retains that title. It wasn't until 1963 that the first production vehicle from Honda that wasn't some kind of bike, was first offered in the Japanese market. It was the T360, a small pickup truck with four different body styles and a 30 hp engine. Two months later the first Honda automobile was released - the S500 two door roaster with a 44hp engine and a 4-speed transmission, and the rear wheels were chain-driven.

In 1972, with the introduction of the Civic, Honda finally established its presence in the American automobile market, partly because it was smaller than most American cars. Later, in 1975, the Civic gained popularity because it's engine could pass emissions tests without the addition of a catalytic converter or a smog pump, and it also offered better fuel efficiency. Later, in 1986, Honda became the first Japanese car maker to offer its own line of luxury vehicles. Marketed under the name Acura, these are sportier, more powerful redesigns of existing Honda cars. With the current pushes for safety and alternative fuel, Honda is already leading the way. It began selling the hybrid Insight in 1999, and now has hybrid models of its popular Civics and Accords. In addition, Honda was the first Japanese auto maker to include air bags, and it now has side-curtain airbags standard on most vehicles, and plans to add stability control features to its entire line by 2008.

Today, Honda's Civics and Accords, as well as the Odyssey, remain popular choices for American consumers.

Latest Honda Reviews

2013 Honda Ridgeline
With a starting MSRP of $29,450 the Honda Ridgeline is one pickup truck that is available to the majority of potential new car buyers. While it doesn't have the brutish durability of a Ford or the raw power of a Ram, the 2013 Ridgeline still has much to offer consumers who know what they're looking for in a truck. Let's face it; the Ridgeline wasn't designed for the traditional die-hard pickup truck enthusiast. This truck was designed to compete with the Chevy Avalanche; and compete it does. Just about the only thing the Avalanche is consistently better at is performance, power and rugged off-road durability. When it comes to design, bells-and-whistles, price, comfort, handling and safety, the Ridgeline has the Avalanche beat, especially in handling.

The engineers at Honda have certainly showed some ingenuity in the design. There is an in-bed trunk compartment that is hidden beneath the bed of the Ridgeline. This compartment has 8.5 cubic feet of cargo space, which is enough to fit a cooler and a bag. more
2012 Honda CR-V
In wake of the peak of this economic recession consumers are demanding an affordable vehicle that’s also quality made. The 2012 Honda CR-V is exactly that.
2012 Honda Ridgeline
Available from $29,995 to $37,180, depending on model, the 2012 Honda Ridgeline has much to offer potential car buyers, with little disappointment. In fact, for the money, the 2012 Honda Ridgeline may be the best all-around non-American truck on the market.
2012 Honda Civic Coupe
Kelley Blue Book awarded the 2012 Honda Civic Coupe “2012 Best Redesigned Vehicle.” The innovative sporty exterior design of the Civic Coupe not only gives it great visual appeal, but helps to drastically reduce wind drag, thus increasing fuel efficiency.
2012 Honda Civic Sedan
The 2012 Honda Civic sits toward the bottom of the small, affordable car class even in the face of a redesign for the new model year. With a ho hum exterior and an equally unimpressive interior, the lower-priced competition has it over the Civic this year in spades.
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