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Honda Accord Hybrid

For the 2005 model year, Honda added a new model to their already immensely popular Accord line up-the Accord Hybrid. With more power and better fuel economy than the gasoline powered only models, the V6 gasoline and electric powered Hybrid model offered luxurious amenities, more power and impressive fuel economy ratings all wrapped up in one of the most favored cars in America.

The 3.0 liter VTEC V6 engine produces and impressive 255 horsepower. The hybrid system utilizes an electric motor that is situated between the gasoline powered engine and the five speed automatic transmission. This electric motor provides a power boost when climbing hills or passing in traffic, and also functions as a battery charger when braking and during deceleration. The variable cylinder management system shuts down 3 of the engines 6 cylinders when they are not needed to increase fuel economy without loss of necessary performance. When all 6 cylinders are required, the smooth driving hybrid system accesses all cylinders in a swift and seamless manner barely detectable by driver or passengers.

Several design techniques were used to reduce the weight of the vehicle and therefore make the most of the power available from the hybrid engine, such as removing the sunroof and adding new, lightweight aerodynamic alloy wheels. Additional changes to the ultraefficient hybrid sedan included constructing the hood and bumper out of aluminum and tuning the suspension to accommodate the a sportier ride and feel that corresponded to the change in overall weight.

For the 2006 model year, all Accords received a slightly revised interior and exterior, and the Hybrid was not excluded from the upgrades. In fact, the Hybrid model gained a moonroof and was made available with an optional navigation system. The EPA rating for 2006 was 25 city/34 highway.

The 2007 model year was basically a carry over from 2006. The Accord Hybrid was equipped with all of the standard features found in the top of the line V6 sedan such as leather seats, interior wood trim and an advanced climate control system. The Honda name has become somewhat synonymous with affordable vehicles that provide a great deal of owner satisfaction, which is what has made the Accord one of the most popular cars in the United States. In a nutshell, the Accord Hybrid is a fuel efficient, family friendly mid size sedan that enables the owner to do well by the environment while enjoying its practicality, optimized fuel efficiency and comfortable ride.

Honda Accord Hybrid Reviews by Year

2007 Honda Accord Hybrid
The 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid has not been the most popular of the currently available hybrid automobiles to date, but it does get excellent highway mileage in a larger package than most fuel efficient sedans. For an MSRP range of $31,685 to $33,685 you can expect to get about 28 mpg around town, but an impressive 35 out on the open road.

The Accord Hybrid is equipped with a sturdy V6 and a battery-powered electric unit that in theory gives the main engine an assist during acceleration. This arrangement worked great with the first Insight and Civic hybrids Honda introduced, but the Accord's V6 works so well it doesn't need any help from the electric motor. It is this choice of hybrid configurations that keeps the Accord Hybrid from operating at full hybrid capability.

A positive, however, is that the engine does have a VCM or "Variable Cylinder Management" system. This means that when less demand is placed on the engine three of the six cylinders are deactivated - hence the great mileage on the highway. more
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