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Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline made its debut in 2006 as a standard sized crossover vehicle, which is built on a single body structure. The suspension is an independent four wheel one, which enables the manufacturer to build cargo storage are under the body of the truck. The Ridgeline derives its power from a 3.5 liter V6 engine and is available in three versions RT, RTS and RTL. All versions of the Ridgeline can seat 5 passengers and are available with a wheel drive. The truck has bucket seats for the Driver and the front passenger with a big center console in front of the driver. The rear seats are split and can be folded.

The latest edition vehicle comes in four versions the RTX, RT, RTS and RTL and it derives its power from a 3.5 L V6 engine. The size of the vehicle remains the same and it comes in only the crew cab style. The entry level RT version of the Ridgeline comes with 17 inch steel tires, seats made of cloth, it is air conditioned, CD player, entry into the vehicle is without keys. The RTX has 17 Inch alloy tires, has the ability to pull cargo or other vehicles and a grille made of chrome. The RTS is equipped with a driver seat that can be adjusted with the touch of a button, a newer music system that has the CD player in the dashboard. The top of the range RTL has a sunroof, the trucks mirrors are heated, its seats are made of leather, and temperatures inside the truck can be controlled and has a satellite radio. Optional only on the RTL is a navigation system that has a MP3 music system. The Honda Ridgeline can carry 1550 pounds of weight and pull behind it 5000 pounds. The front seats of the Ridgeline are firm and comfortable to sit in and there's lots of room for the passengers sitting in the back to stretch their legs.

Honda Ridgeline Reviews by Year

2013 Honda Ridgeline
With a starting MSRP of $29,450 the Honda Ridgeline is one pickup truck that is available to the majority of potential new car buyers. While it doesn't have the brutish durability of a Ford or the raw power of a Ram, the 2013 Ridgeline still has much to offer consumers who know what they're looking for in a truck. Let's face it; the Ridgeline wasn't designed for the traditional die-hard pickup truck enthusiast. This truck was designed to compete with the Chevy Avalanche; and compete it does. Just about the only thing the Avalanche is consistently better at is performance, power and rugged off-road durability. When it comes to design, bells-and-whistles, price, comfort, handling and safety, the Ridgeline has the Avalanche beat, especially in handling.

The engineers at Honda have certainly showed some ingenuity in the design. There is an in-bed trunk compartment that is hidden beneath the bed of the Ridgeline. This compartment has 8.5 cubic feet of cargo space, which is enough to fit a cooler and a bag. more
2012 Honda Ridgeline
Available from $29,995 to $37,180, depending on model, the 2012 Honda Ridgeline has much to offer potential car buyers, with little disappointment. In fact, for the money, the 2012 Honda Ridgeline may be the best all-around non-American truck on the market.
2011 Honda Ridgeline
The 2011 Honda Ridgeline stands out against the big dogs in the truck genre, namely the Ford F150, as a comfortable commuter vehicle with excellent storage capacity and enough power to handle the occasional load.
2010 Honda Ridgeline
With pricing between $28,450 and $34,430, the 2010 Honda Ridgeline presents excellent value. This midsized, light duty pickup truck is truly skilled at making you feel that you are driving inside of a car.
2009 Honda Ridgeline
A freshened style and several new features have been added to the 2009 Honda Ridgeline. The new front end matches the well-received look of the Pilot while other exterior enhancements include varying headlamp/tail light color combinations and newly-designed bumpers.
2008 Honda Ridgeline
While the 2008 Honda Ridgeline is a half-ton pickup that has ample cargo space, it certainly is lacking in overall exterior design. The short bed's high side-walls make the truck appear incomplete, as if in the process of building an SUV the manufacturer was stopped by unforeseen forces.
2007 Honda Ridgeline
On the 2007 Honda Ridgeline, 4-wheel drive is standard across the line, and combines with the engine power to give the Ridgeline the ability to tow up to 5,000 pounds, and its five-foot bed not only sports a lockable hidden trunk, but also has the ability to hold 4x8's flat between its wheel wells (or up to 1,000 pounds of anything else you might want to haul).
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