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Honda S2000

The first generation Honda S2000 made its debut as a roadster in 2000. The vehicle was launched with one version only that was powered by a 240 horsepower 2.0Liter engine. The vehicle seats 2, but there is no space in it to store luggage. The instrument panel in front of the driver is dominated by one instrument, a tachometer, with the other gauges that show fuel left in the car and coolant, less conspicuous. The back window is made of plastic as Honda wanted to keep the weight of the vehicle low. The S2000 comes equipped with seats made of leather, air conditioning, a music system that can play AM/FM and CDs. All the windows and mirrors can be operated by the touch of a button and one can enter the roadster with the help of a remote. In 2002, the rear window got glass windows, new rear lights, and a better music system. In the year 2004, the roadster got 17 inch tires, better shock absorbers, and a new 2.2 Liter engine was added to its line up. The company continued to make changes to the Honda S2000 in 2006 and 2007, when it added more speakers to the cars music system, and more padding for the headrests.

In the model year 2008, a new version was added to the Line up of the S2000 which it called the club racer model. The new version got a stronger suspension and new tires manufactured by Bridgestone. To keep the weight low of the new S200 low, the spare wheel has been removed. No changes have been made to the engines which remain the same. The base version of the Honda S2000 is equipped with a roof that can be opened or closed with the touch of a button, a rear window made of glass and which can defrost ice that gets accumulated on it, seats made of leather, headlights made of Xenon, 17 inch tires and a CD based music system.

Honda S2000 Reviews by Year

2009 Honda S2000
The 2009 Honda S2000 is Honda's premier sports car, every aspect of which is, according to Honda, based on their racing technology. This super sharp roadster competes with such American made vehicles as the Chevy Corvette and Ford Mustang. Foreign competitors include the Audi TT , BMW Z4 M, Infiniti G Coupe, Porsche Boxter and Nissan 350Z.

The S2000 body was last updated in the 2008 model year, so little has changed in the looks of the car. In fact, other than minor tweaks to improve handling and increase speed, there is little change of any kind.

The S2000 offers a 2.2 liter, 237 horsepower I4 engine with a six-speed "short throw" manual transmission with overdrive. There are no options on either the engine or the transmission. For a performance car, the mileage is pretty spectacular. You'll get 18 miles per gallon in town and 25 miles per gallon on the highway.

While the S2000 is great on gas mileage, it falls a little short on power. Horsepower is far below average for class and power to weight ratio is slightly below average, except for the CR MT, which has about average power to weight ratio for class. more
2008 Honda S2000
The 2008 Honda S2000 is a milestone in that maker's lineup. The sports car has all of the streamlined, aerodynamic design, akin to the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder , that a buyer could ever want.
2007 Honda S2000
While sports cars don't automatically trigger thoughts of safety, the 2007 Honda S2000 does have an array of safety features, including dual front airbags, race car safety belts, reinforced door beams, an non-skid braking system, and traction control.
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