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Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 is the second vehicle that General Motors is selling under the Hummer brand name and range of vehicles. The H2 is a large truck that can seat 6 passengers. The truck has been built on the GMT 820 body. The truck is made up of three sections, the front section is based on the GM2500 series, the middle section is new and completely closed and the end section is built on the GM 1500 series body. The H2 on its introduction in 2004 derived its power from 1 6.0 Liter V 8 engine. The Hummer is provided with an all wheel drive system and the system is to be used for rough and dirt terrain. The vehicle is provided with ABS, one touch seats for the front seats and second row seats that can be folded. It also gets a navigation system. In 2005 a SUT variant of the H2 was introduced. The new variant had little less area meant for luggage that was covered. In 2006 a special edition package was introduced. This package had a few changes to its interior and exterior.

The H2 in 2008 has been improved in many aspects. It now derives its power from a 6.2 liter V-8 engine, which has now got 6 automatic gears. The new engine and gear system have improved the mileage by ten percent over the Hummer over the preceding year. It has new seats and now can seat 7 passengers. The Hummer H2 comes in three versions, a standard, adventure and luxury. The standard version is equipped with front and back seats that are heated and are made of leather, 17 inch tires which can be used on all kinds of roads and a Bose Music system with a CD player and satellite radio. The Adventure version of the H2 has a rear sir suspension and a tool cum first aid kit. The Luxury Hummer H2 has a camera in the back, a third row of seats that seats two and can be folded, an DVD based audio system for those sitting in the back and a Bose Music system that can play MP3.

Hummer H2 Reviews by Year

2009 Hummer H2
The 2009 Hummer H2 combines on-road luxuries with off-road capabilities. The H2 is a carryover from the prior model year. This seven-passenger SUV's trademark tank-like exterior is both contemporary and sleek, while the 2009 H2's inside is equipped with a wealth of added features. Impressive power and flex fuel implementation round out the H2's positive attributes. On the flip side, the Hummer H2 is sure to have poor fuel economy, but without EPA estimates, buyers will not know until they drive it. Not only that, only one transmission and one engine are available, so consumers will not have the ability to customize the H2 to fit their unique driving demands, unlike the Cadillac Escalade .

Under the hood, this 2009 Hummer is equipped with a 393 horsepower Vortec 6.2L V8. The four-door model gets around 415-lbs per foot of torque as well. The Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic transmission is convenient, but some buyers might rather opt for a manual. However, the full-time four-wheel drive will certainly impress those wanting to take the H2 on rough terrain. more
2008 Hummer H2
First introduced for the 2003 model year and with little significant change since then, the 2008 Hummer H2 is still king of the road in terms of appearance and off road functionality.
2007 Hummer H2
The 2007 Hummer H2 combines the trademark awesome power of the Hummer brand for off-road driving with an interior that offers ample space and plentiful amenities.

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