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Hummer H3T

The Hummer is one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road, even to those who are not auto enthusiasts. The latest offering from the Hummer line will continue in the tradition of its predecessors. The all new Hummer H3T will make its debut for the new model year 2009.

The Hummer was originally designed for use by the military to transport troops and light equipment over rough terrain. In 1992, AM General introduced a civilian version of this off road beast. Although not everyone could afford it, everyone seemed to be impressed with this latest addition to the growing SUV market. One of the most attractive features of the Hummer was the fact that it retained its distinctive appearance that made it recognizable as a military vehicle. In 1999, General Motors bought the rights to the Hummer name. They were responsible for the marketing and distribution of the vehicle that was still produced by AM General.

The original Hummer production vehicle was known as the H1, which was produced until 2006. GM began to realize that the H1 wasn't as practical as it was cool. Most people couldn't justify dropping that kind of cash on a vehicle they couldn't do much with, or keep fuel in. These realizations lead GM to develop smaller versions of the Hummer, which retained the unique appearance of the original. These were the H2 and H3, which are still in production today. The H3 is actually the best selling model in the Hummer line. This is due, in large part, to the fact that it is smaller and more practical to the actual car buying public.

Now, with the falling sales of most SUVs, GM is looking to inject some life into their own line. This is where the Hummer H3T comes in. Basically, the H3T is built on the same platform as the H3, with the exception of a 22.3 inch longer wheel base that allows them to accommodate a 5 foot cargo bed. That's right; there is now a Hummer truck. This design is in an effort to combat reduced sales by introducing something with a little more versatility. The hope is that many people will be intrigued with the idea of a pickup truck that has the distinctive looks of a Hummer. In addition to that, GM has included loads of accessories that allow a number of customizations for hauling and carrying cargo. The question is, however, will this be enough to attract buyers who have abandoned their passion for SUVs in favor of the fuel economy of smaller cars? Only time will tell.

Hummer H3T Reviews by Year

2009 Hummer H3T
The 2009 Hummer H3T is classified as a sport utility truck - a combination SUV/pickup that features a 5-passenger crew cab with four doors and plenty of interior space. MSRPs range from $30,750 up to $36,015 - surprisingly less than many people expect when discussing the Hummer name. Although not specifically designed for such, the H3T can tow up to 4000 pounds and haul 1090. Fuel efficiency has been improved over the years and now is rated at 14/18 mpg city/highway.

The bed is only 5 feet long, but again, we must remember that these SUTs are not meant for construction work. That doesn't stop it from hauling full plywood sheets though - or 2 separate dirt bikes - or even a snowmobile. They are geared more for style and flash. People definitely like to pimp out their H3Ts - savoring the looks they get when cruising strips across the globe.

There are two trims of Hummer H3T available: the Base and the Alpha - and there's quite a difference between them. The Base trim is powered by a 3.7L 242 hp I5 with a 5-speed manual transmission (optional 4-speed auto) while the Alpha features a 5.7L 300hp V8 with the 4-speed auto transmission standard. more

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