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Hyundai Azera

The Hyundai Azera was sold as the Hyundai Grandeur between 1986 and 2002. The Grandeur on its launch in 1986 was a renamed version of the Debonair produced by Mitsubishi and derived its power from a 2.0 Liter SOHC MPI engine. A 2.4 Liter SOHC MPI engine was added in 1987 to the Grandeur and a 3.0 Liter V6 engine in 1990. The second generation Grandeur made its debut in 1992. The vehicle came in various versions and had a choice of four engines; a 2.0 Liter engine with 4 cylinders, a 2.5 Liter V6, a 3.0 Liter V6 and a 3.5 Liter V6. This car was only meant for sale in the South Korean market.

The third Generation Hyundai Grandeur was titled Grandeur XG and it was a luxury car that was mid-sized. It made its debut in 2000. The same year a Grandeur XG200 made its debut which was powered by a 3.0 Liter V6 engine and it was sold until 2003. In 2002, the Grandeur debuted with the XG 350 model which was powered by a 3.5 Liter V6 Sigma engine. The new car had an L version also.

In 2006, the fourth Generation Hyundai Grandeur TG or the Azera made its debut. The brand name was used in North America, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Iran, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and several other Middle East markets. The vehicle is a normal sized sedan which derives its power from a 3.8 Lambada V6 engine which has five automatic gears. In Europe, the Azera is powered by a 2.2 VGT CRDI engine that runs on diesel. The vehicle comes in three versions, GLS, SE and Limited. In the GLS all the systems on the car are power. It also has air conditioning, rear mirrors that can dim the lights of the vehicles behind you, a stereo system with 6disc CD player and 6 speakers. The SE version comes with 17 inch tires, the temperatures inside the car can be adjusted automatically and the steering wheel and gear shift system are wrapped in leather. The Limited version has leather seats, its seats in the front are heated and the sunshade in the back can be moved with the touch of a button. All versions of the Hyundai Azera come with disc brakes that are anti-lock, a system to check that the vehicle won't roll over and side airbags.

Hyundai Azera Reviews by Year

2011 Hyundai Azera
Full-sized and presented with plenty of luxury, the 2011 Hyundai Azera is a comfortable and spacious 4-door sedan. 2 trims are offered: GLS and Limited. It provides power through the front wheels by a stock 3.3L 260-horsepower (6200 RPM) 233 ft-lb (4500 RPM) V6 engine and a newly designed Shiftronic 6-speed automatic gearbox. Optionally, you can select the Limited's 3.8L 283 horsepower 263 ft-lb V6 powerplant configuration. EPA estimations for fuel economy for GLS versions are 20/28 mpg city/highway (19/27 mpg for Limited trims).

The new Azera 2011 Hyundai has received a fresh do-over including extra engine power, the previously mentioned new transmission as well as spruced-up exterior trim, lighting package, wheel design and grill. Retail pricing ranges from $25,495 up to $30,095, fitting in nicely with class competitors including the Chevy Impala ($25,605), Honda Accord ($24,105), Ford Taurus ($25,170) and the Toyota Camry ($24,890. Leran more about Azera financing .

The Hyundai Azera 2011 GLS comes loaded with standard features and amenities including:. more
2010 Hyundai Azera
The GLS trim of the 2010 Hyundai Azera features a 3.3L V6 engine that generates 234 horses at 6000 RPM and 226 lb-ft of torque at 3500. The other trim, the Limited, is fitted with a beefier 3.8L V6 that whips up 263 ponies and 257 lb-ft of twist.
2009 Hyundai Azera
The 2009 Hyundai Azera is a four-door family sedan that can seat five people comfortably. .

Depending on the trim package chosen, a 3.8 L, V6 engine or a 3.3 L V6 engine with a five-speed automatic transmission is standard.
2008 Hyundai Azera
The 2008 Hyundai Azera has received some nice upgrades from last year's model. The GL trim now comes stock with 17 inch alloy wheels and both trims feature improved suspension.
2007 Hyundai Azera
The 2007 Hyundai Azera SE carries an MSRP of $24,535 with the Limited edition selling for $27,135. Both are powered by a 3.8 liter V6, generating 263 horsepower as an automatic transmission with five speeds and overdrive.
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