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Infiniti is the division of the Japanese auto manufacturer Nissan, and serves as their luxury-import brand in the US and Canadian markets.

It was first introduced to the United States in 1989, to offer direct competition to the luxury lines of rival companies Toyota and Honda (Lexus and Acura, respectively). A series of Zen-inspired "rocks and trees" advertisements was part of a campaign for brand awareness, but the vehicles experienced production delays, and no cars were shown, and the ad campaign ran longer than originally planned.

Later, better advertising and award-winning models would do much to improve sales.It was the popular Q45 that lead Infiniti to take part of the luxury market. The vehicle included a class leading (at the time) 278 hp V8 engine, four wheel steering, the first active suspension system offered on a motor vehicle, and numerous interior comfort features.

Early Infinitis had unique platforms, but most are currently based on existing Nissan models. Some are spiffed up versions of existing Nissans sold in the same market, while others are rebranded models from the Japanese market where Nissan's line includes high-end luxury vehicles.

Model name designations for the Infiniti include one letter for coupes and sedans and two for SUVs with a number reflecting engine displacement. As an example, the Q45, Infiniti's flagship sedan through 2006, has a 4.5 liter engine. An "x" following the number signifies an all-wheel drive model car. Today, in addition to the US and Canada, Infiniti is marketed in Mexico, South Korea, and the Middle East, with plans to expand into Europe in 2007 and the UK in 2008.

Latest Infiniti Reviews

2012 Infiniti G25
The 2012 Infiniti G25 is a flashy, luxurious and dazzling car meant to impress owners and other drivers alike. It has great curb appeal, supreme functionality and a luxurious feel. With all that you'd expect it to come with a hefty price tag as well, wouldn't you? Well this is simply not the case with this year's G25. The base model, the Infiniti G25 has a starting MSRP of $33,100. The G25 Journey goes for $34,500, while the premier model, the G25x AWD starts at $36,100. While these are by no means cheap, they are very affordable, considering what you'll be getting for that price.

The body of the G25 has been designed to provide exceptional aerodynamics, which generates better fuel economy, agility and handling. It comes with standard bi-xenon headlights and a classy and stylish grille, emblazoned with Infiniti's logo. It has 5.1" of ground clearance; that's not very much, but when you consider most other cars in its luxury class have around 4.9" the G25 won't be scraping the bottom on those steep parking lot entrances. more
2012 Infiniti G37
Available to consumers from $37,800 to $44,200, the 2012 Infiniti G37 Coupe will provide a lot of bang for the buck, so to speak. Bi-xenon headlights and daytime running lights are placed on either side of the extravagantly designed grille.
2012 Infiniti M35 Hybrid
At $54,595, the 2012 Infiniti M35 Hybrid isnít the cheapest automobile out there, but it sure is one of the most stylish luxury hybrids. Available in 7 stunning yet subtle colors, and with newly redesigned exterior lines, the M35 Hybrid is sure to impress all who gaze upon her.
2012 Infiniti M56
With a bold, sleek design and starting at $58,450, the 2012 Infiniti M56 is guaranteed to impress. This luxury sedan comes infused with a daring 5.6-liter V8 with 32 valves and a DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) Direct Injection engine with a Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System.
2012 Infiniti M37
When you first lay eyes upon the 2012 Infiniti M37, you may start drooling over the gorgeous exterior beauty of this car. When you look up sleek in the dictionary, youíll find a picture of the M37.

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