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Infiniti G35

The first generation Infiniti G was launched with the Numbering G20 in 1990. It was a front wheel drive car with five manual gears. You could buy the coupe or sedan with automatic gears, seats made of leather and a roof made of glass that could be opened or closed with the touch of a button. In 1994 a touring version was added to the lineup which had seats made of black leather, bucket seats in the front and foldable back seats. In 1996, the production of the G series was stopped. The second generation Infiniti G Series made its debut in 1999. It was taller and longer then the first generation vehicle and it was powered by a 2.0 Liter engine having four cylinders. It came in two versions, entry level and Touring model, which had manual or automatic gears. In 2000, the engine got a bit more powerful and the window on the driver's side became one touch. The Touring version of the G model was dropped in 2002.

In 2003, the third generation Infiniti G model with the nomenclature G35 made its debut. It came in two versions, a coupe and a sedan. Both versions derived their power from a V6 engine had first a gear system with six automatic gears then with a gear system with 6 manual gears. Both the sedan and coupe were equipped with anti lock brakes, airbags in the front, and a CD player located in the dashboard. In 2004, the sedan was equipped with an alternate all wheel drive system which had automatic gears. The rear wheel drive sedans were equipped with six automatic gears then with a gear system with 6 manual gears. In 2005 the horsepower ratings of both the sedan and coupe were increased. In 2006, a system was introduced where the vehicle could be entered and started without the use of keys.

In the model year 2007, the Infiniti G series or G35 comes in coupe and sedan styles. The engine for all G series cars is a 3.5 Liter V6 engine. The sedan has 5 models in its lineup, entry level, Journey, X that is an all wheel drive, Sport and Sport 6 Mt. The entry level car is equipped with leather seats that can be moved in eight different ways for The driver and 6 for the passenger with the touch of a button and 17 inch tires, temperatures inside the car can be controlled automatically, and a CD player. The Journey has a CD player that can store 6 CDs. In the X model, there is all wheel drive and the seats in the front are heated. The Sport version has 18 inch tires and seats in the front are sport design. The Sport 6MT adds a gear system with 6 manual gears. The Coupe comes in entry level and a version with manual gears. Both are equipped with the same equipment as the entry level sedan.

Infiniti G35 Reviews by Year

2008 Infiniti G35
The 2008 Infiniti G35 is a luxury sport sedan that truly rivals the BMW 3 Series. With its rounded European style exterior, inviting and luxurious upscale interior excellent handling and outstanding performance capabilities, the G35 provides an exceptional combination of luxury and performance. The exterior features an athletic, low profile design complimented by a sculpted grille and sporty light clusters. The dual exhaust system provides a refined rumble and enhances the rear of the vehicle. The luxurious interior is roomy for its category, well built and extremely appealing to the eye. Leather upholstery is enhanced with glowing blue gauges with white numbers and tastefully positioned aluminum trim. .

There are four trims available for the 2008 model year, all equipped with the same powerful 3.5 liter V6 engine that delivers over 300 horsepower that can go from 0-60 in under 6 seconds. The Base model is rear wheel drive, comes standard with an automatic transmission and features 17 inch alloy wheels, keyless ignition, leather upholstered seats and a premium stereo system with CD/MP3 player, satellite radio and auxiliary jack. more
2007 Infiniti G35
The 2007 Infiniti G Coupe is available in two models, the G35 for $33,450 and the 6MT for $34,050. The base model is powered by a 275 horsepower V6 (rear wheel drive) as an automatic transmission with five speeds.

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