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Infiniti M45

The Infiniti M45 was first introduced to the American buying public for the 2003 model year. This mid-size luxury sedan was initially overlooked by most buyers, partly due to its run-of-the-mill styling. However, when the 2005 model year revealed a redesigned M45, consumers and critics started to take notice. The model quickly became fierce competition for the likes of Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. The new adaptation of the model garnered attention to its lengthy list of technological features and advanced gadgetry.

Though the engine has generally stayed the same since its beginnings, the powerful 325 horsepower 4.5L V8 rivals even the most popular of muscle cars on the market. With the five-speed automatic transmission comes manual shift control, which allows drivers to have more control. An elegant exterior design, enhanced responsiveness and improved handling round out the M45's dominant features.

One of the biggest concerns that consumers and critics have had regarding the M45 is its poor fuel economy. While Infiniti claims that they do not want to sacrifice performance for less money at the pump, buyers are not happy with the 16 city MPG and 21 highway MPG. Not only that, with around an $80,000 true cost to own for five years, the Infiniti M45 has some buyers cringing. Certainly, other luxury sedans on the market have a significantly lower cost to own. With the recent release of this figure, critics are claiming that the model will see a significant decrease in sales; however, others claim that the cost to own system's kinks have not been ironed out, so any reliance on the figures would be a mistake.

The elegant design of the Infiniti M45 has garnered a bit of attention from Hollywood as well. The popular television series Desperate Housewives used the model in two different episodes, once as a background model and another time the vehicle was driven in a short scene. The television show Alias starring Jennifer Garner also gave a short role to the model, and the crime drama CSI: Miami used the M45 in a scene during their 2006 season. The most recent rumor is that several upcoming feature films will give a prominent role to the Infiniti M45, but specific titles have yet to be released. Either way, after the M45's revision in 2005, the model undoubtedly began getting widespread attention, both in popular T.V. programs and through word of mouth.

Infiniti M45 Reviews by Year

2010 Infiniti M45
With worldwide automotive consumers already anticipating the arrival of the 2011 new generation model, the 2010 Infiniti M45 continues to serve as a solid choice in sporty, luxury sedans. As new competitors continues to enter its class market, Infiniti recognized the need to introduce new components and technologies for enhancing power, handling, comfort and safety. However, that does not mean that the 2010 M45 is seriously lacking in any area. In fact, there are only a couple issues of concern. Namely, the controls in the center stack are a bit complicated to understand. It's also slightly noisier inside the cabin than several new competitors. Otherwise it shines brightly in comparison.

Cutting edge technological advancements and futuristic automotive advancements are standard features on the Infiniti M45 2010. As it enters its final year of production in the current generation, the M45 carries over from 2009 with minimal changes made. The M45 is Infinity's flagship sport luxury sedan, so don't make the mistake of thinking that it is just filling the spot until the 2011 arrives; it's certainly not. more
2009 Infiniti M45
The 2009 Infiniti M45 is a midsize luxury car comparable to the Cadillac CTS and Lincoln MKS domestically. Foreign competition includes the Lexus GS, Audi A6, Volvo S80, BMW 5-Series, Jaguar XF Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class from Europe and the Acura TL from its native Japan.
2008 Infiniti M45
The Infiniti M45 was introduced to the car-buying public in 2003, and the 2008 Infiniti M45 offers consumers several upgrades. The one that created the most buzz was the addition of the ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system to the 4.5L, V8 version of the M45.

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