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Jaguar XK-Series

The Jaguar XKE, also known as the E-Type, was introduced in 1961 and grew to become one of the most lusted after and iconic coupes and cabrioles in automotive history. Although the XKE was discontinued, a Jaguar XK-Series revival occurred in the later part of the 1990's, combining classic design cues, such as the proprietary oval grille, with the more advanced automotive engineering techniques and materials of the time. Always the epitome of performance, style and luxury, this generation of XKR and XK8 coupe and convertible were produced throughout the 2007 model year.

The XK-Series was completely redesigned for the 2007 model year, sporting a new and beautiful all aluminum construction, more luxurious features and more interior room. The XK8 became known simply as the XK, while the XKR high performance version maintained its title. Manufactured to be much lighter and more capable and fun to drive than the previous generation, this exclusive Jaguar lineup held its own in terms of performance. The XK coupe and convertible came standard with a 4.2 liter V8 that produced 300 horsepower, while the XKR delivered 420 horsepower with a supercharged version of the same engine. Yet, its design was lacking the reminiscent look and feel of the previous generation and indicated a strong leap of faith for Jaguar. The new interior was much more modern, and although some Jag lovers missed the classic interior wood trim, the majority appreciated the more intuitively placed controls and updated chic finish.

The 2008 Jaguar XK Series is largely unchanged from the previous year, with the exception of a few rather insignificant cosmetic changes. The 2 trims-the XK and the XKR-are both available in coupe or convertible body styles. The XK comes standard with 18 inch wheels, xenon headlamps, adaptive suspension damping, rear parking sensors, power adjustable heated leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity, a navigation system and a 6 speaker audio system with in dash CD/MP3 changer. In addition to more horsepower, the high performance oriented XKR replaces the wheels with 19 inch rims and adds a firmer suspension, enhanced steering, larger front brakes, adaptive headlamps, an aluminum mesh grille, quad exhaust tips and more aggressively bolstered front seats.

The standard 300 horsepower, 4.2 V8 XK engine sends power to the rear wheels via a 6 speed automatic transmission with manual over ride. From a dead stop, the coupe achieves 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, while the convertible hits that mark in 6.3. The supercharged engine in the XKR delivers a thrilling 420 horsepower, enabling the XKR convertible to go from 0 to 60 in just 4.9 seconds, with the coupe getting there just slightly quicker.

Enough of the older Jaguar XK-Series prestigious styling cues are apparent in newer models to make them distinctively Jag, and recent automotive enhancements only emphasize the pleasure to own and drive factor.

Jaguar XK-Series Reviews by Year

2012 Jaguar XK-Series
When it comes to choosing a model of the Jaguar XK-Series, you really canít go wrong when it comes to performance, with either the 2012 Jaguar XK, the XKR, or the XKR-S. However, starting at $84,500 and going up with the model and specific upgrades, the XK-Series is not for those who are especially concerned with finances. .

In the base model, the Jaguar XK, the manufacturer included a powerful 5.0-liter, AJ-V8 GEN III engine, with 385 powerful ponies under the hood. This also comes standard with a 6-speed automatic transmission, equipped with Jaguar Sequential Shift, making for the smoothest ride possible. The XK is also equipped with Dynamic Stability Control, which automatically detects which wheel(s) are sliding the most and adjust brakes and power accordingly. At 24 highway MPG and 16 in-town, itís not too bad when it comes to fuel, especially when you consider itís a V8.

The XKR comes standard with a 5.0-liter AJ-V8 GEN III Supercharged engine, with an impressive 510 horsepower. Coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission with Jaguar Sequential Shift, the XKR is a slightly better, more powerful ride, but just as smooth and luxurious, while obtaining 22 highway MPG and 15 city. more
2011 Jaguar XK-Series
The 2011 Jaguar XK may not be able to trade on its legendary name to appeal to buyers. It suffers from a tiny cabin, horrible back seat, confusing information and entertainment systems, poor rear visibility, and limited cargo space.
2010 Jaguar XK-Series
For $82,150 and up, you can experience the awesome performance abilities of the new 2010 Jaguar XK Series. They are not perfect cars, but they come very close to being.
2009 Jaguar XK-Series
The Jaguar XK replaced the XJS, but is really descended from the much-loved E-Series. The 2009 Jaguar XK-Series does not disappoint. Jags grand touring machine gets virtually nothing but rave reviews from the people who drive it.
2008 Jaguar XK-Series
Kiplinger's bestowed their Best New Sports Car Award to the completely redesigned 2007 Jaguar XK-Series, and while the 2008 model has received a few small changes, its seductive style, high performance abilities and posh cabin are still just as hot and desirable.
2007 Jaguar XK-Series
The 2007 Jaguar XK Coupe starts from $75,500. This Jag is beautiful inside and out with a 300 horsepower, 4.2 liter engine under the hood with an automatic transmission (six speeds.) The standard wheels are the eighteen-inch Venus design with nineteen-inch Carelia, nineteen-inch chrome Sabre, and twenty-inch Senta wheels optional.

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