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Jeep Commander

The Jeep Commander made its debut as a sports utility vehicle in 2006. The Commander made its first public appearance at the New York Auto Show in 2005. The Commander seats seven and is a little longer than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is powered by a 3.7 Liter V6 engine that is its base. There are two engines available; a 4.7-Liter V8 or a 5.7 Liter Hemi V8. In Europe, the Commander runs on a 3.7 Liter V6 diesel engine. The Commander has three models available; Sport, Limited and the Overland. The Commander is equipped with an electronic system that monitors tire pressure. It can also detect if the vehicle is about to rollover and will deploy airbags on the sides of the vehicle, providing the ultimate protection. The electronic system can assist the driver while parallel parking and automatically turns on the headlights and window wipers when it is about to rain.

The Jeep Commander has three rows of seats, with each row being a bit higher than the one that is in front of it. The second and third row of seats can be folded to make more space available in the vehicle. A DVD system is available for passengers. The sport model of the Commander is equipped with air conditioning and all systems on the vehicle can be switched on or off with the touch of a button. Entry into the vehicle is keyless. The back seat is divided into two and can be folded. The Limited model has a sunroof in the backseat, and a separate air conditioning system for those seated in the back. All seats can be heated and moved with the touch of a button. The Overland model is equipped with 18-inch tires and leather seats.

Jeep Commander Reviews by Year

2010 Jeep Commander
Suggested pricing ranges between $31,575 and $42,830 for the new 2010 Jeep Commander. We are talking about the all time biggest Jeep ever produced here - and the first ever to provide seating for seven adults. And even though its sheer mass is quite fearsome, it is still optimally comfortable - and it still has earned 5-Star frontal crash test ratings from the NHTSA. Vehicles this safe can save you a lot of money on your auto insurance premiums. It is very capable in off-road scenarios and equally pleasing to cruise in on a downtown strip bathed in neon lights.

Those perfect ratings for safety from the NHTSA are products of standard safety features on the 2010 Commander including 4-wheel ABS braking with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist, electronic roll mitigation, electronic stability control, front/side and all-row side-curtain airbags, trailer sway control, rear parking sensors and tire pressure monitoring. Standard technological features include a rear view parking camera, the UConnect system for wireless connectivity, an ear-piercing sound system from Boston Accoustic and an information/entertainment multimedia system that features a 30 GB hard drive with built-in navigation. more
2009 Jeep Commander
"Where no Jeep has gone before." That's the company tagline for the 2009 Jeep Commander - the largest of the Jeep family members. It's a fact that most people will never need all of the powerful capability that the Commander offers.
2008 Jeep Commander
The 2008 Jeep Commander has not even appeared on the manufacturer's website yet, but there is already talk that it will be removed from the Jeep lineup after the 2009 model year.
2007 Jeep Commander
The seven-seat 2007 Jeep Commander is available in three models, the Sport ($28,610), the Limited ($36,720), and the Overland ($41,205). The Sport is powered by a 3.7 liter V6 (automatic transmissio with five speeds) while the Limited has a 4.7 liter V8 and the Overland a 5.7 liter HEMI V8.
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