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2009 Lexus SC

Posted: 10/30/2008 - 12:33 PM ET

A carryover from 2008, the 2009 Lexus SC 430 is a luxury-based roadster that carries an MSRP of $66,805. With 5-star frontal crash ratings for both drivers and passengers from the NHTSA, the 430 delivers 23/16 mpg fuel efficiency ratings. This convertible easily transforms into a hardtop coupe, like the BMW 3 Series roadster, with the flick of a switch and features the assets that any true sports car enthusiast would desire. Rear wheel driven with fully-independent suspension, the SC 430 pushes 288hp from its 4.3L V8 engine. It is complimented with a 6-speed automatic transmission that generates 317 ft-lb of torque at 3400 rpm.

Integrated navigation and a Mark Levinson 9-speaker stereo system come stock on the 2009 SC as do an impressive variety of standard safety features. Electronic stability control senses when handling is about to be compromised and restricts engine output as well as applying the brakes in a smooth controlled fashion. Front, side and knee airbags are all in place to protect front occupants in collisions and the seatbelts are equipped with pre-tensioning devices to ensure optimally-safe positioning for all in case of an accident.

Furthermore, the SC 430 by Lexus features one seriously-effective anti-theft system. It will only start up with the original factory key and can detect intruder interference. The ABS braking system regulates brake pressure in extreme braking situations and can even sense when an individual wheel has ceased rotating and electronically rectify the situation. Gross weight for the SC 430 is 4530 pounds. Its compact exterior design hides the spacious interior well.

The SC 430 has changed very little since its 2002 debut. Due the very impressive list of standard features, it comes in a singular trim that is loaded for luxury. Throttling is impressively responsive and 0 to 60 times are speedy at 5.8 seconds. Its hardtop convertible design makes it seem like more of a sports car than it really is. It actually is more of a touring vehicle although not made for family usage. The rear seats are very cramped and cargo space is minimal.

The independent suspension makes the car ride smooth and absorb bumps like a cotton puff. Cornering is stable and safe feeling, giving drivers that extra little burst of confidence on winding roads. Overall, the 2009 Lexus SC 430 is a highly-luxurious, considerably-sporty touring car that is best suited for two, not 4 passengers.

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