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Lexus GS

The Lexus GS was launched in Japan in 1991 and the United States in 1993. It was a mid-sized sports car that came as a four-door sedan. It was a rear wheel drive vehicle that had a 3.0 liter engine with six cylinders and 220 horsepower. The GS was equipped with airbags, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning that was CFC free and an internal temperature that was controlled automatically. The only change to the first generation model was made in 1996, when a five-speed automatic system was added and new lights were added to the rear of the vehicle.

In 1998, the second generation Lexus GS model made its debut. The new GS came in two versions - the GS 300 which derived its power from a six cylinder engine and a new GS 400 model which was powered by a V8 engine. The new model was shorter in length then the earlier version, but had side airbags that were attached to the seat. In 2000, a system that assists the driver in maintaining stability and applying the brakes properly was fitted on the vehicle. The next year the numbering of the GS 400 was changed to GS 430 and its power came from a 4.3 Liter V8 engine. In 2002, the car received a revised system with a dashboard DVD player.

The third generation GS models made their debut in 2007. The lineup includes the GS 350 that derives its power from a 3.5 Liter V6 engine with 303 Horsepower. The GS 350 that can be purchased with either rear wheel or all-wheel drive, and the GS 430 which has a 4.3 Liter V 8 engine. Both Lexus GS models have a six gear automatic system. All models are equipped with airbags and leather seats.

Lexus GS Reviews by Year

2011 Lexus GS
There are two versions of the 2011 Lexus GS: the GS 460 and the GS 350; both classified by the EPA as ULEV II (Ultra-low Emission Vehicles). Lexus GS vehicles are sports/luxury sedans that create tons of driving excitement while consistently maintaining their air of sophistication and refinement. They feature an advanced adaptive variable suspension (AVS) system that is able to be manually adjusted for a particular driving feel, or set to automatically adjust according to real time driving conditions. Power and fuel economy are both enhanced significantly due largely to an efficient, appealing dual exhaust system.

Lexus GS 2011 Video.

The Lexus GS 460 for 2011 is powered by a 4.6L 342-horsepower V8 engine. It grounds its strength through an 8-speed automatic sequential-shift transmission that enables extra smooth acceleration and fewer trips to the gas pumps. The GS 460 will stretch your face with 5.4 seconds 0 to 60 times. The GS 350 is also potent, efficient and highly impressive with its 3.5L 303-horsepower V6 engine and 6-speed ECT-i (electronically controlled transmission with intelligence) gearbox. more
2010 Lexus GS
The 2010 Lexus GS 350 is a sporty 4-door sedan that effectively combines high levels of performance, plenty of luxury and an elegant, yet confidently-bold design.
2009 Lexus GS
The 2009 Lexus GS manages to capture a bit of the classic and a bit of the new at the same time. It may not pop your eyes out the first time you look at it, but somehow it makes you look again.
2008 Lexus GS
The 2008 Lexus GS is a large, performance based luxury sedan that is available in several trims. Last redesigned in 2006, the 2008 models received only minor cosmetic upgrades and a brand new powerful V8 engine was added to the high end models.
2007 Lexus GS
The 2007 Lexus GS easily accommodates five and is offered in three models the GS 430 RWD ($52,375), the 350 AWD ($46,100), and the 350 RWD ($44,150.) The 350s are powered by a 303 horsepower, 3.5 liter V6 (zero to sixty in 5.7 seconds with a top speed of 143) while the 430 is equipped with a 4.3 liter, 290 horsepower V8 (same accleration with a top speed of 149.) All have automatic transmissions with six speeds.

Lexus Models

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