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Mercury Milan Hybrid

In November of 2008, at the Greater Los Angeles International Auto Show, the Mercury Milan Hybrid was introduced to the world. Company representatives focused on 2 main points concerning it: One, that the Milan Hybrid was going to deliver 38 miles per gallon of fuel (city/highway combined) - and that the electric motor would be able to propel the car up to 47 miles per hour, for up to eight miles in distance, without the assistance of the gasoline engine. The combined 38 mpg fuel economy rating beat out that demonstrated by the segment-leading Toyota Camry Hybrid by 5 miles per gallon.

The 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid, and non-hybrid versions, arrives at dealers in spring of 2009 and promises to advance the realm of hybrid automotive technologies across the board. Along with units sold of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the Ford company anticipates doubling its annual hybrid sales from 25 thousand up to 50 thousand. Both the Milan Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid utilize a 2.5L 155hp Atkinson Duratec 25 4-cylinder gasoline engine in conjunction with a 106hp electric motor that is classified as AC synchronous. The powertrain will be completed by a continuously variable transmission (CVT) .

One of the main attributable reasons for the excellent performance of this powertrain combination are the new technologies implemented in the Milan Hybrid's battery packs. They are smaller, and therefore lighter, than the traditional nickel-metal-hydride batteries commonly used in hybrid vehicles. They offer increased power as well. Also, these battery packs utilize the atmospheric air from the interior of the vehicle for cooling purposes. Many other hybrid vehicles use a separate AC unit to cool the packs - and thereby consume more energy in the process. Also concerning the car's AC, it can function solely from the power supplied by the electric motor, even with the car's gasoline engine completely shut off.

One other cool and innovative sell point for the Mercury Milan Hybrid is the integration of the Ford SmartGuage monitoring system for vehicular performance. It was inspired by the system used in the Toyota Prius and is an excellent device for training drivers on how to maximize fuel efficiency and vehicle lifespan. It talks to you. In real time, the SmartGuage system coaches drivers to engage in fuel-saving driving habits.

Twin LCD screens offer high resolution displays of real time fuel efficiency readings, engine outputs, battery charge levels, accessory power consumption and more. Accentuating the Green philosophy, an animated vine of leaves grows to fruition through time as the driver becomes a more fuel-saving operator. The SmartGuage system also allows personal configurations of the display screens so that the driver is not overloaded with information.

Overall vehicle dimensions for the Mercury Milan Hybrid are 189 x 72.2 x 56.9 inches length, width and height respectively. The Mercury Milan Hybrid promises to be a big hit for the company - and to help advance the technologies that will drive the future of the entire automotive industry.

Mercury Milan Hybrid Reviews by Year

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
The Mercury Milan is a midsize vehicle that has been around since the 2006 model year, but the 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid is all new. The Milan, as a line, has a new look for 2010 and the hybrid is based on that new body style. And for what it's worth, it a nice style.

There are several hybrids out now and more than a few are in direct competition with the Milan Hybrid in the midsize class. These include both foreign and domestic makes such as the Nissan Altima Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid , Ford Fusion Hybrid and Saturn Aura Hybrid.

The gasoline engine for the Milan Hybrid is a 2.5 liter, 155 horsepower I4. Like many hybrids, the engine is matched with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). It comes only as a sedan.

Unlike some other hybrids, the Milan has only one electric motor, but it can run the car up to 47 miles per hour for up to 8 minutes without use of the gasoline engine. It can also run the air conditioner without the gasoline engine. The electric motor is smaller than on previous Ford products and can be cooled without use of the air conditioner. more
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