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2009 Pontiac G6

Posted: 08/28/2008 - 2:09 PM ET

Few cars appear as sleek as the new 2009 Pontiac G6. It comes in your choice of a sporty 2-door coupe; a racy hardtop convertible and even a 4-door family sedan. While all models are available with a 3.5L 224hp V6, only the sedan offers an optional Eco-Tec 2.4L 169hp 4 cylinder engine. Additionally, the GXP trim comes with a 3.6L 252hp V6. There are GT trims of all models available as well - each delivering the goods when it comes to providing a powerful, stable ride.

The MSRPs for the GT sedan, GT coupe and GT convertible are $23,100, $23,100 and $30,210 respectively. GXP trims come with a 6-speed auto tranny, specialized front suspension packages and a host of other high-end features for about 6 thousand dollars more per model. Package dependent of course, you can opt for anything from 200-watt Monsoon premium sound systems, dual chrome exhausts, remote starter, leather brake handle and just about any other specialty feature desired.

Every model and trim comes stock with both driver and passenger-side front and side airbags, anti-lock braking systems and electronic traction control. OnStar is also included with any model chosen. OnStar is quickly becoming a standard for safety because of its ability to instantly request emergency help. The moderate pricing of all G6 models from Pontiac in 2009 makes them popular choices for general public consumption and all are selling very well. They are also reputed for their comfortable rides and sporty appeal - especially the convertible models. Speaking of that, the convertibles feature an industry-leading overall length for retractable hardtops.

The aforementioned remote starting option is a huge sell point for these Pontiac G6s. In the heat and cold, it's awesome to be able to fire up the engine and let the vehicle acclimate before entering. In the sedan models, there is an optional sunroof that opens towards the back far enough for even the rear passengers to enjoy the open sky. All GT and the new GXP models come standard with XM Satellite Radio and a jack for plugging in your mp3 player. There is also a Street Edition that shows off hood scoops and a sporty spoiler in the rear.

While the base model sedan appears rather common, the GT and coupe models offer an exciting new design. Indexed windows open 1/4 of an inch automatically when the doors open and close tightly when they close, providing an air and sound barrier that is very effective. The taillights are narrower than the previous year's G6 and they make the vehicle leaner looking.

Built in Michigan, these 2009 G6 Pontiacs are a combination of components from Saab 9-3s, Opel Vectras and Chevy Malibus. Bucket seats and quality fabrics grace the interiors of all models which are very nicely designed. They offer the driver an excellent control center and the passengers plenty of roomy comfort. Pontiac G6s have been known to make their drivers feel like they are entering an aircraft. But soon enough, they are right at home in these intricately-designed cockpits. Superior overall performance and plenty of models to choose from make the 2009 Pontiac G6 a shortlister for all people in the market for a new automobile. Sleek, powerful and comfortable, the new G6 is one of today's hottest rides.

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Posted on: May 16, 2014 at 5:07 AM
Those Pontiacs are going to be good. They have been on the good side of this one. - Dennis Wong
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