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Scion xD

The carmaker, Scion, has become the topic of many a heated debate in recent years. Some consumers adore the manufacturer's distinctive design choices, while others absolutely abhor the maker's signature boxy style. Either way, Scion has certainly made its mark on the automobile industry, and the release of the Scion xD was no exception. Unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show in February of 2007, the xD replaced Scion's earlier xA. The five-door hatchback has an unusual squared-off style that is completely unique to Scion.

Upon release, Edmunds called the Scion xD "bizarre," and many other reviewers echoed the website's comment. However, consumers seem to be impressed with the xD's wealth of standard features and unique design. Several consumer blog sites claim that the xD out-performs and looks more appealing than its comparables on the market. A 1.8L 2ZR-FE inline 4-cylinder engine produces up to 128 horsepower. This level of power simply fails to beat the competition. Nevertheless, the xD has been flying off of sales lots. The reason could easily be the impressive gas mileage with 26 city MPG and 32 highway MPG. Those numbers are equal or better than some hybrid models on the market.

Scion, a division of Toyota, is fairly happy with the popularity of their vehicle. Of course, Toyota has its own adaptation of the xD - the Yaris. Critics claim that the xD is merely a longer version of the Yaris. However, Scion refutes that; saying that the xD is an individual and not a replica of another model. The Scion brand is marketed to a younger consumer, and the xD is at the forefront in 2008. Extensive customization is available on the xD, and Scion knows that younger buyers can never have enough options.

Interestingly, certain critics are referring to the Scion xD as the rhinoceros of the car industry. However, the resemblance to the animal is lost on many. Other than the strategically-placed Scion emblem and the jutting front bumper, rhinoceros comparisons simply do not hold up. One of the best features that Scion has going for it is the Pure Price program. This program puts a stop to dealership markups when market demand increases. Buyers are thrilled that Scion seems to be looking out for them. Most recently, a limited edition Release Series xD was unveiled to American buyers as well. With three concept cars in the making, Scion won't have to wait long to start shocking the buying public once again.

Scion xD Reviews by Year

2011 Scion xD
While the 2011 Scion xD has a unique, boxy exterior, as affordable small cars go these days, average fuel economy of 27 city and 33 highway just isn't all that impressive, nor is an MSRP range of $15,110 to $17,705. Designed with a younger, more hip audience in mind, the xD offers good power and handles well, but that's not enough to elevate it in a genre with stiffer, cheaper, more efficient competition -- namely the Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit.

If your purchase is motivated solely on appearance and you want a box outside the box, the Scion xD may be for you. It is dependable on a day in day out basis. There's only one trim, but lots of customization options. The engine is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder with 128 hp paired to a manual transmission. The upgrade to an automatic runs roughly $800. .

Inside, Scion opted for a lot of hard plastic, in fact, too much hard plastic. The end result is a cabin that looks cheap, although the instrument panel is modern-looking and fun. The seats aren't comfortable, especially for taller drivers and passengers. more
2010 Scion xD
At $14,800, the 2010 Scion xD presents real value. It may be little, but it is efficient, practical and presents loads of personality. It was a brand new vehicle back in 2008 and carries over this year with more choices for personalization than ever before.
2009 Scion xD
The 2009 Scion xD is a unique model in a market overflowing with traditional vehicles. This five-door wagon has a distinct style that is unmistakably Scion.
2008 Scion xD
The Scion division of Toyota introduced the brand new 2008 Scion xD as the replacement for the fast aging and rather ordinary Scion xA. This compact fuel efficient car is quickly becoming a favorite amongst a younger generation of drivers due to its low sticker price, great gas mileage and youth oriented standard interior and exterior features.

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