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2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Posted: 08/09/2010 - 2:49 PM ET

Classified as a compact SUV, the 2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara continues to gain worldwide sales momentum. Since the Grand Vitara replaced the Sidekick in 1999, it has earned a solid reputation as a tough and ready off-roader. That's not all it brings to the table though; not by a long shot. It's also dripping with style, value and efficiency. Any person or family that requires or wants capable, comfortable transportation should take a closer look.

Pricing for the 2010 Grand Vitara from Suzuki ranges from $19,099 up to $27,199. Its estimated by the EPA to deliver 19/26 mpg urban/rural and can take you over 400 miles on a filled 17.4-gallon fuel tank. There are 10 trims of the 2010 Grand Vitara, each offering a distinctive set of standard amenities and equipment. And although the GV earned only 4-Star safety ratings from the NHTSA for driver and passenger-side frontal crash tests, it still comes equipped with an impressive array of standard safety components and systems including:

  • All-wheel, all-disc ventilated antilock braking;
  • A comprehensive array of airbags;
  • Electronic stability control;
  • Electronic traction control;
  • Steering wheel-integrated audio controls;
  • SmartPass keyless entry;
  • Panic alarm;
  • Many more...

You can conquer the heat of the Mojave or summit an icecapped mountain road in the new Grand Vitara 2010 from Suzuki; it probably won't even notice. When equipped with its available 4-mode fulltime 4WD system, it can travel just about anywhere with ease. It also adds in sophisticated fully-independent suspension systems in the front and rear. Ride quality will surprise you. Suzuki went all out with technological amenities as well. For instance, the 2010 Grand Vitara is the only non-luxury SUV that offers standard full-feature GPS navigation, a feature that's making the it one seriously-hot competitor. Even the Jeep Liberty has a hard time stacking up. Other competitors include the Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Tuscon and Kia Sportage.

There are two engine choices available for the Suzuki Grand Vitara 2010: an I4 and a V6. The 2.4L base I4 powerplant generates 166 horsepower at 6000 RPM and 162 lb-ft of torque at 4000. Power, performance and fun are all stepped up with the available 3.2L 230-horse 213 lb-ft V6. The factory transmission is a 5-speed manual that shifts crisply and predictably. I4 versions can also be fitted with an electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic. And V6 trims can be equipped with a 5-speed electronic automatic gearbox. 4-cylinder versions are estimated by the EPA to deliver 19/26 mpg while the V6's will travel 18/25; learning to increase fuel economy really isn't even necessary. All models come equipped with a 17.4-gallon fuel reservoir which, when filled, will unable travel of well over 400 miles.

The 2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara carries over majorly unchanged from its comprehensive 2009 overhaul. It still actively showing off its more efficient braking system, advanced drivetrains, aesthetic upgrades and loads of standard features. It's roomy too; and not like one of those wannabes that say you can fit seven people where only five will. In fact, even rear passengers are treated to 37.2 inches of legroom (41.3 front). You'll also find a big cargo capacity that ranges between 66.3 and 70.8 cubic feet, trim dependent. It's capable. It's comfortable. It's the new Suzuki Grand Vitara and you should check it out today!

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