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Suzuki Equator

The history of the Suzuki Equator midsized pickup truck is a short one with a long future very likely. It's actually based on the concepts presented from the Nissan Frontier - and it is even assembled by Nissan. It was introduced to North America at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show and is available for US consumption as of spring, 2009.

MSRPs start at $17,220 for the Suzuki Equator. It comes to you as either a Crew Cab or an Extended Cab. Extended Cab models have a stock 2.5L 152hp 171 lb-ft I4 engine with an option for a more robust 4.0L 261hp 281 lb-ft V6. Crew Cabs come exclusively with the V6. The engines are both supplied by Nissan as well.

All trims except for the base with the 4-banger come with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The base I4 comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox. On the V6 models, a 5-speed automatic is standard with all wheel drive capabilities offered as an option. The Extended Cab Equators seat 4 adults comfortably while the Crew Cabs seat 5.

Peterson's 4 Wheel and Offroad's 2009 4x4 of the Year chose the Suzuki Equator above the Hummer H3 Alpha, the Hummer H3T Adventure, the Toyota Sequoia Platinum, the Ford F150 and the Dodge Ram 1500. That has to mean something of substance.

As of 2009, the new Suzuki Equator will be manufactured from the plant in Smyrna, Tennessee and will be classified as a 2-door midsized pickup truck. It will be built upon the Nissan F-Alpha platform. Overall dimensions will measure 220.1 x 72.8 x 68.7 inches for the Crew Cab models and 206.6 x 72.8 x 68.7 inches for the Extended Cab models - length, width and height respectively. The wheelbase for all models will measure 125.9 inches.

Especially when equipped with the V6, the Suzuki Equator displays ready and impressive power. It's agile and yields an excellent level of confidence to both drivers and passengers. It features well placed controls and very comfortable front seats as well as an innovative cargo tie-down system. And let's not forget about the impressive extended warranty offered by Suzuki that beats the competition into the dirt.

Since the Suzuki Equator is really just a Nissan Frontier clone, the question of "Why does it even exist?" is begged. Most experts agree that it is simply an attempt to bring over the loyalty demonstrated by owners of Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs to the midsized pickup truck market. Suzuki sells A LOT of these dirt toys and purchasers need a way to haul them around. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially when you consider that the Suzuki Equator is actually a very agile and able pickup.

Only time will tell how well the Suzuki Equator will fair against its much more established competition. As foe now, Suzuki CEOs are enjoying their time in the spotlight. And really, why shouldn't they?

Suzuki Equator Reviews by Year

2011 Suzuki Equator
The stylish and tough 2011 Suzuki Equator is both very comfortable and loaded with utility. It's an entry level small pickup that shows off more class then its competitors like the Chevrolet Colorado ($19,290) and the Dodge Dakota ($23,110). The Equator by Suzuki is offered with a Crew Cab or Extended Cab in your choice between RMZ-4, Sport, Premium and Base trim levels.

Suzuki Equator 2011 Video.

The base engine of the new Suzuki Equator is a 2.5L 152-horsepower 171 lb-ft 4-cylinder which is matched up with a 5-speed manual transmission. The EPA estimates that it will travel 19/23 MPG city/highway. The Suzuki Equator features an 883-pound payload capacity and 3500-pound towing limit. It is rear wheel-driven. EMZ-4 and Sport trims are equipped with a strong 4.0L 261-horsepower V6 engine mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox.

Invoice pricing for the Suzuki Equator ranges between $16,892 and $27,984. Estimated monthly payments range between $330 and $550, depending upon the trim level and options that you select. more
2010 Suzuki Equator
Once again a favorite choice of avid outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, the 2010 Suzuki Equator is the perfect choice for those who find themselves hauling motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's, boats, campers and more on a regular basis.
2009 Suzuki Equator
The 2009 Suzuki Equator is the Japanese company's latest move at continuing to establish itself as a worthy competitor in an American-ruled market. Suzuki has a way of always coming in with very affordable price ranges while simultaneously offering solid products.
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