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Whether you are in the market for a 2-door coupe convertible, family minivan, 4-door sedan, or mid-size SUV, Toyota has a vehicle that will satisfy your motoring needs. Since establishing motor sales in the USA in 1957 and manufacturing operations here in 1972, Toyota has maintained the highest standards of product quality, safety and value. Even after manufacturing its 10 millionth vehicle in the US, the name Toyota stands for durability and driving enjoyment.

Not just a trend follower, Toyota has been on the innovative forefront in automotive technology with new safety features, fuel saving technologies, and design breakthroughs appreciated the world over. For example, Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive is the heart of a number of their best-selling models, allowing owners to save gas at the pump and to save the planet as well. Toyota hybrid stablemates include: 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid, Prius, and Highlander Hybrid.

If you are interested in the outdoors, offroading, or just traversing the urban jungle in style, consider the lineup of SUVs offered by Toyota. Although it looks small, the 2007 Toyota RAV4 is a lot of SUV for its size, especially with the optional 3.5 liter 269 hp V6. For running with the true off-road crowd, try on the new FJ Cruiser. Travel large and in charge in the 2007 Toyota Sequoia if you need a dose of respect from your homies. These and all the SUV models in between mean Toyota is in touch with you and your automotive needs.

Toyota puts cars on the road with heavy steel door sheet metal and door beams, ABS, and side impact curtain airbags, all with one purpose in mind, to keep you and your family safe and secure. It is this no-nonsense approach to automotive engineering that has Toyota in constant competition for the number one spot in car sales and consumer loyalty in the US.

Latest Toyota Reviews

2012 Toyota 4Runner
Over the years Toyota has consistently produced arguably the best all-around vehicles available. The 2012 Toyota 4Runner is no exception to this generalization. At a starting MSRP of just $31,090, this quality SUV should be within the budget of many consumers. The 4Runner has maintained the same basic exterior shape over the years, with only slight modifications made each year. This year's 4Runner sports the classic Toyota front grille with bi-xenon headlights. The bi-xenon headlights are the latest in lighting technology for automobiles. They provide 70% better illumination of the road ahead, making whatever vehicle with them, one of the safest on the road. The three different models of the 4Runner offer various color options. All models offer 5 colors, but they do vary with each model. The Toyota 4Runner Limited comes with a large sunroof, so you can soak up some rays on those warm autumn days.

Inside the cabin, the 4Runner is lavishly decked out. It boasts a modern 6" GPS navigation screen that will provide the driver with turn-by-turn directions. more
2012 Toyota Tacoma
With a starting MSRP price of well under $20,000 – actually it’s $16,875 – consumers should already be getting excited over the 2012 Toyota Tacoma. It has retained the same stylish grille as models of previous years, while adding multi-reflector halogen headlights.
2012 Toyota Sequoia
While you shouldn’t expect anything more than mediocre gas mileage the 2012 Toyota Sequoia has much to offer consumers. Starting at $40,930 and with a newly redesigned exterior, this year’s Sequoia is a hot commodity.
2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
With gas prices rising and jobs becoming less and less available, choosing a hybrid vehicle is the only way to go for some people. The 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is simply one of the best crossover hybrids currently available.
2012 Toyota Highlander
Available in 9 different colors, able to get 25 MPG highway and starting at $28,090 MSRP, the 2012 Toyota Highlander is sure to please most who get behind the wheel.
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