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Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

The Toyota Tacoma PreRunner model was added to the impressive line of Tacoma mid-sized pickup trucks in 1998. This interesting model name was inspired by the vehicles used to 'pre-run' off road race courses prior to their completion for competition purposes. As such, the PreRunner was promoted as being able to expertly undertake the same driving conditions that are presented on a typical race track. However, much of the PreRunner is about show and image. Although it looks like a sporty 4 x 4, it is not. This truck does do much better than other two wheel drive pickups during off road use due to its increased height, locking rear differential and huge all terrain tires. However, much of what this pick up looks like it can do it cannot. In appearance, large fender flares and a rough and tough looking grille and front end definitely allude to much more under the hood.

The PreRunner has received the same upgrades throughout the years as the rest of the Tacoma line; bigger engines, more refined interior, and the integration of better technologies. Many people did not understand the attraction of this pickup truck and the deceptiveness of its appearance in regards to actual utility, but many in the younger generation definitely understood the appeal. It looks expensive, it looks like more than it is; these things appealed to younger drivers lacking an abundance of money in search of a lot of style in a hot little pickup truck. Without the actual components that make up the heavy duty suspension of 4 wheel drive models, the PreRunner was substantially less expensive but still looked great.

As of the 2007 model year, the PreRunner had grown in size like all other Tacomas and is available with a choice of three cabs-regular, extended and crew. Engine choices are either a fuel efficient 2.7 inline 4 cylinder or a higher performance 4.0 V6. The standard configuration includes a manual transmission with an automatic transmission being an option. If your pickup truck image needs a little boost and your cash flow is slight, the Tacoma PreRunner is sure to catch your eye.

Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Reviews by Year

2007 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner
The 2007 Toyota Tacoma is a mid-size pickup truck that comes in the following trim levels: Regular Cab, Access Cab, Double Cab, and X-Runner. The 2007 Regular Cab truck comes standard with a 2.7 liter 4-cylinder engine which develops 159 hp @ 5200 rpm with 180 lb.-ft. torque @3800 rpm. The 2007 Access Cab and Double Cab Pre-Runner are set up with a 2.7 liter 4-cylinder engine or optional 4.0 liter v6 which creates 236 hp @ 5200 rpm, with 266 lb.-ft. @4000 rpm. All models are connected to a standard 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive, with a 6-speed optional on some models.

The bed of the 2007 Tacoma, 6-foot long on most models, has an inner shell of reinforced composite material. The outer panels, compartments, and removable tailgate are all steel. All external grille and details are black plastic. Some models come with black overfenders, skid plates, fog lamps, and mudflaps. The Tacoma has evolved into a tough, durable work truck that looks good no matter how dirty it gets. Standard on most trucks are cloth front fold-forward seats, bulkhead storage, and full carpeting. more
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