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Volkswagen Passat CC Reviews by Year

2009 Volkswagen Passat CC
The 2009 Volkswagen Passat CC is the German automaker's contribution to the mid-size four-door coupe class. This is a growing class of automobiles that was created by the Mercedes-Benz CLS. The goal being to allow easier access to the rear seats than in the two-door version. .

In comparison to the sedan, the Passat CC is slightly longer and wider, but at the time, it is about two inches lower. This has given the car a broader appearance from the front, and a more streamlined side view. The CC also offers an electronically actuated Panorama sunroof. This basically means that the entire front half of the roof is glass. Overall, the CC has a very sleek, aerodynamic look to it, mainly because of the long front and rear window slopes. On the inside, the Passat CC doesn't differ much from the sedan, with the exception of added heat controls and more comfortable seats. .

There are two engine choices available for the Passat CC. The first is a 2.0 liter TSI diesel that produces 200 horsepower. This engine will move the CC from 0-62 mph in 7.6 seconds. more
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