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Carseek Privacy Policy and Practices

Carseek provides new car information, pictures, and specs as well as offering the service of new car pricing for research and comparison. In order to do this, Carseek requests a small amount of information from its visitors who request a price quote, such as name, zip code, and contact information.

Carseek Secure Servers

At Carseek we want to assure our visitors that the information you provide us is used only to fulfill your request for price quotes on vehicles you have chosen. Our secure servers use the most up-to-date software to maintain your privacy.

How We Use Your Information

We will never forward your information to a dealer who, in our experience does not afford our visitors the same security measures we enforce. We will forward your contact information to the dealer who can provide a price quote on your chosen vehicle, and who makes the same privacy promise as Carseek. The dealers in your chosen zip code who satisfy the above rules will be allowed to contact you with new car prices and other info.

Contact Us

We hope this privacy policy settles any uncertainty you may have had about Internet security at Carseek. We take security on the web seriously and appreciate your trust. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about security at Carseek.com

Thank you.